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Adding value by enhancing performance and integrity in the energy sector

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Add Energy offers solutions and specialized consultancy services that enable safe, compliant and efficient operations.

Our solutions are supported by a unique toolbox of proprietary software and analytical tools, developed in partnership with industry and academia.

We are part of ABL Group - the global independent energy and marine consultants, working in energy and oceans to de-risk and drive the energy transition across renewables, maritime, and oil & gas.

Our team

Add Energy is headquartered in Norway and established in 5 regions across the globe, in close proximity to our clients.

In our 30 years of global operations, Add Energy has become a trusted service provider to the energy industry and beyond. This is evidenced by a comprehensive client base and a growing pool of worldwide master service agreements.

Our team comprises of discipline engineers, data analysts, senior engineers, subject matter experts, consultants, project managers, facilitators, software engineers, trainers and advisors, delivering solutions and services to our valued clients across the globe.

Our team

ABL Group

Add Energy is part of ABL Group – the independent global energy and marine consultants, headquartered in London, UK.

As part of ABL Group, Add Energy is able to provide its specialist services on a global scale, via the group’s 38 offices worldwide.

Our team of consultants also works closely with the group’s over 1000 technical marine and engineering consultants, covering the broadest range of disciplines to support in de-risking projects across energy and oceans, and in transitioning renewables, maritime and oil & gas sectors to a net-zero future.

ABL Group

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The ABL Group family combines the following unique brands, each specializing in a particular area of the energy and oceans:

  • ABL: energy and marine consultants
  • OWC: offshore wind and renewable energy consultants
  • Longitude: engineering and design consultants
  • Innosea: marine renewable energies R&D and engineering consultants
  • ABL Yachts: superyacht surveyors and consultants
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Our strategy


Leading in niches and unique in combination.


Deliver services and solutions to the oil and gas industry, and contribute to improving operations and regularity under safe, compliant and environmentally friendly conditions.


Support our customers with their efforts to gain their license to operate and ensure operational excellence by working closely with them.


We have a wide range of customers. Our main customers are oil and gas companies, government agencies and trade organizations.


Competence, software, integrated services, expert advisory services and solutions.

Our strategy

Our core values

Our core values are at the heart of our management system, and they lead us in our behaviour and decision making.

Our core values

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