How to ensure Return on Investment (ROI) at a time when you need it the most

Peter Adam, Add Energy's EVP of Asset and Integrity Management, presents on how to successfully enhance Operational Excellence during a period of low oil price at the annual OpEx Summit in Calgary, Alberta.  

add energy peter adam_calgary.jpg

Peter discussed common issues that he has identified to be linked to poor asset management and offered strategic solutions for optimization based on ROI and quick wins. Getting the asset register contents and hierarchy correct, Classifying equipment types and populating Bill of Materials (BoMs) were amongst the top 5 fundamental optimization techniques discussed that are critical for efficient operations and reduction of maintenance expenditure.  

The presentation also showcased insight into the world's largest asset management project, where Peter shared the challenges associated with the implementation of change and how to overcome this, and discussed the lessons learnt during the delivery of a global maintenance data enrichment project covering over 2 million equipment tags across 7 regions.  

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