add energy increases number of Master Service Agreements

add energy’s Well Control and Blowout Support unit has in place Master Service Agreements with a large number of oil and gas operators worldwide


The agreements encompass both engineering services for well control preparedness in connection with planning and implementation of drilling and well operations, as well as emergency response related to relevant critical well operations and incidents.

In total we have 40 Master Service Agreements in place. In 2015 we signed 10 new agreements. A number of the agreements are global agreements which can be used by the entire add energy group, making them an attractive tool to gain foothold with clients. The term of the agreements spans between 3 to 5 years with options for possible future extensions. Some are longer, or open-ended.

Our goal is to continue to actively pursue Master Service Agreements with new and existing clients worldwide. Our experience is that having a long-term agreement in place increases the chances of repeat business with clients.

For more information, contactMorten Haug Emilsen, SVP Well Control & Blowout Support