Post-injection drilling challenges

Change in overburden pressure challenges drilling margins

Injection of pressurized gas and water greatly increases recovery, but can create high-pressure zones in the formations above the reservoir. Development of high pressure in the overburden reduces the margin between formation pressure and formation strength, and poses an increasing challenge in balancing the drilling fluid density when drilling through the overburden.

add energy recently performed detailed engineering to gain a better understanding of high-pressure zones in the overburden. Tight drilling margins and potential flow from permeable formations have been analysed and evaluated from a well control perspective. The Olga-Well-Kill® software, which is tailor-made for well and well control applications, was used for the analysis. Key outcomes of the project include identification of well integrity challenges, flow potentials, blowout intervention methods, kill requirements and mitigation options.

Our specialized services and competence within multiphase flow technologies, well control and blowout contingency strengthen our customers’ ability to conduct cost efficient and safe operations. The engineering projects performed by add energy are designed to meet governmental and company specific requirements, including single relief well contingency.

For more information, contact: Morten Haug Emilsen, SVP Well Control & Blowout Support