Simulations while drilling services are sought after

Staying within safe limits while cutting costs aids the success of SWD services

Operating companies value the lowered risk and associated cost savings that come with add energy’s Simulations While Drilling (SWD) services. The simulations are performed in-house by experienced personnel using the Olga-Well-Kill® software. Additional cost, contingency and sometimes even risk can be introduced to the drilling operation because of uncertainties in the sub-surface. The model updates the blowout potential and kill requirements based on real-time MWD data and ensures continuous well integrity and single relief well contingency. In many cases the drilling operation can be safely completed without setting a contingency casing, and the drilling time can be reduced compared to traditional well design that is often based on conservative input parameters.

SWD services are provided from add energy’s offices in Oslo, and has demonstrated its’ value to the industry by providing well integrity management at a lower cost for the operators. Successful SWD projects include:

  • Gaz de France operated gas well, Barents Sea, Norway
  • RWE operated gas well, Norwegian Sea, Norway

For more information, contact: Morten Haug Emilsen, SVP Well Control & Blowout Support or contact us on + 47 66 98 32 90. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.