Add Energy’s Well Control Experts Contribute to High Profile Subsea Intervention Events

In the aftermath of Deepwater Horizon, offshore energy companies joined together to form the company HWCG. With the mission of developing a comprehensive and rapid deep-water containment response system for the Gulf of Mexico, each company committed to a mutual aid agreement, sharing assets and resources in the event of an incident. Add Energy sent a team of well control experts to participate in HWCG's annual spill drill.


This two-day annual training exercise event, observed by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (the Gulf of Mexico regulatory agency), was hosted by W&T Offshore with 232 participants from multiple operators. The event was aimed at bringing a hypothetical deep-water blowout under control. All participants engaged and aided W&T Offshore to evaluate and plan how this particular loss of well control event can be brought back under control, ending the mock blowout scenario. Add Energy’s Well Control and Blowout Support Engineer’s played a crucial role in providing the simulations that helped the decision makers determine how to best plan how to successfully kill the blowout successfully ending the event.  The Add Energy team also provided expert advice on discharge modelling, flow assurance, subsea capping operations and relief well planning while participating in this exercise. A more detailed breakdown of what the two days would have consisted of can be found here.

During the same week, Add Energy also participated in the  2018 SPE Subsea Intervention Conference, in Galveston on August 8th, to present in the regulatory session.

The presentation, titled “Well Optimization and Best-Practice Compliance with the Relief Well Injection Spool” was delivered by Add Energy’s Well Control Expert, Ray Tommy Oskarsen, in collaboration with Trendsetter Engineering and was extremely well received. The presentation offered advice to operators on how to demonstrate the capacity to achieve single relief well contingency in order for permission to be granted to drill a well in the North Sea and Barents Sea.

The RWIS (Relief Well Injection Spool)

The RWIS (Relief Well Injection Spool)

Ray Tommy Oskarsen commented: “The RWIS played a pivotal role in the presentation due to recent changes in legislation which mandates that operators must demonstrate that they can achieve single relief well contingency in the event on an incident.

This shift in legislation was a key driver for Add Energy and Trendsetter’s creation of the RWIS, a patented subsea hardware that enables operators to stop a blowout from prolific reservoirs safely and efficiently via a single relief well. We believe that the RWIS is fundamental in unlocking projects that wouldn’t normally be sanctioned in regions where legislation mandates single relief well contingency.”

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