Engineering Fit for Purpose Wells – A discussion with Trina Morillo

Add Energy caught up with our Senior Production Technologist, Trina Morillo for some insight on her background, tips for fellow engineers and her journey in Add Energy.

Trina Morillo - Senior Production Technologist

Trina Morillo - Senior Production Technologist

Q: Can you summarize your career to date?

A: I started my career in Venezuela as a Field Engineer, and I have lived and worked in different parts of the world, such as Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand before I moved to Perth.

My background is in Mechanical Engineering and what attracted me the most to the Oil and Gas Industry was a bit of the adventurous spirit on my side, the fieldwork experience and the different locations where you can work.   

Q: Tell us more about your role at Add Energy?

A: I joined Add Energy as a Senior Production Technologist only a few years ago, during this short period of time I have had the opportunity to work in and be exposed to different aspects of production technology which has significantly enhanced my understanding of the subject.

My day to day varies depending on the type of project I am working on. As a Production Technologist there are many interface meetings happening with other disciplines such as reservoir engineering, facilities and operations in order to understand requirements with the aim of engineering fit for purpose wells. Many hours are spent building well models and simulating all possible production scenarios. 

The frequent interactions with clients, the Add Energy team and our technical partners also enables me to understand more about new technologies and provides me with a platform to have discussions with service providers to understand more about what their latest developments and technical solutions are.

Q: Can you provide insight into what it’s like to work at Add Energy?

A: Add Energy is an international company with lots of potential for growth. From day one I felt welcomed into the organisation, and into every department. I instantly felt that the team worked efficiently, and I believe this is because of the good internal communications that had been established.  Add Energy has provided me with a wide range of projects to participate in and provides me with a dynamic work environment.

I believe that there is potential for me to continue growing as the company grows.  With the shift and recovery of the oil and gas industry, we see new prospects for companies like Add Energy; providing engineers like myself with the opportunity to work on the service side of the fence, as opposed to the operator directly. I believe this allows me to not only build my understanding of the oil and gas industry, but to work directly on projects that make a real impact for operators. 

Working for Add Energy has refreshed and reaffirmed the idea of working in a dynamic organisation that can offer all kinds of opportunities for oil and gas professionals, as opposed to big organisations where prospects are often presented at a slower pace.

Add Energy has a solid reputation built over the years of delivering successful well engineering projects. In Perth, where I am based, there is an excellent team of professionals that you can learn from who are also willing to listen and learn from other people’s experiences. Which, for me, makes a real difference in my professional and personal development.

Q: Tell me about what motivates you?

A: My family is my driver in life and in everything I do.  To provide means to my family and to set an example of a hard worker, achievement and productive life is what sets my overall goals.  In my career the spark is the continuous learning, always seeking new challenges and provide solutions to different problems.

There have been many achievements during my career, but I think the most significant accomplishments is to belong to a generation of women in the oil and gas industry that has set an example of leadership and endurance to the new generations entering the industry.

Q: Do you have any tips for fellow engineers looking to progress their career in Drilling?

A: It is critical to recognise and be aware of the situation or changes that are happening that are affecting you. Interpersonal awareness is key, once this is established, then you can start thinking on new strategies to solve the problems and act on the things that you can control.

It is always good to share issues, queries and ideas with other peers for opinions because they can objectively observe the topic and give you the honest feedback you need.

Trust your gut! Sometimes your instinct tells you what to do best as well.