Environmental Management

We provide sustainable environmental management solutions at corporate, project and operational levels ensuring compliance with legislative and corporate requirements. Our reporting methods and software calculate, forecast and follow-up on planned and unplanned discharges to the environment and climate gas emissions. Our experience includes environmental planning and approvals and developing technical solutions, procedures and practices for environmental management.

Environmental reporting system (ISO 14001)

We develop, assess, audit and review environmental management system documentation for oil and gas, and ports and shipping.

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Environmental documentation of chemicals

We assist operators and chemical suppliers with sound documentation of chemicals Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF).

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Environmental planning and approvals

We undertake project management and preparation of documentation to meet in-country regulatory requirements for onshore and offshore resource activities.

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Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

We coordinate and prepare EIA’s in line with global standards and in-country regulations for onshore and offshore activity approvals.

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Ecological, environmental and pollution vulnerability risk assessment

We conduct risk assessment of offshore activity impacts on the marine environment, marine species and vulnerability to pollution.

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Spill contingency planning and net environmental benefit analysis

We advise approaches to offshore maritime emergency response for unplanned events that have a net benefit to the marine environment.

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Environmental compliance documentation

We assist with marine environmental compliance within Safety Management Systems for ISM, IMO, MARPOL and in-country regulations.

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Advisors, specialists and consultants

We provide personnel to work as integrated members of our client’s team, in the office, on the rig or at the well site.

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Senior Vice President
Environmental Solutions



Methods for estimating direct hydrocarbon emissions from the NCS had not been updated for 20 years, and Norwegian Environment Agency needed to assess new methods to assure that correct numbers are reported.


add energy conducted the assessment in close co-operation with the industry by in-depth meetings with process and operational experts in the operating oil companies. The assessment included emission source mapping of 68 offshore installations operated by nine different companies.



Common sources were identified

Best available techniques were proposed for all sources

Improved estimation methods were proposed