Environmental sustainability introduced through new platform

add energy is on track to deliver a brand new environmental reporting portal

add energy has been assigned by Epim (Exploration & Production Information Management Association) to deliver the new official environmental reporting portal for all operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The new portal will consolidate all national environmental performance data and will be completed in January 2016. The environmental data will then be contained in one place, simplifying governmental reporting and ensuring efficient management of environmental targets. Its’ name truly reflects its’ ambitions - it will be built to display an overview of environmental data from the entire NCS, will collect an extended series of documents and unroll them before the users so as to appear continuous. Can you imagine what the name of the portal will be?

add energy’s experience from over 130 software clients, together with excellent cooperation between all stakeholders keeps contributing to the successful development of the portal. The short deadline will be met by using our proprietary software solutions.