Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

Management System

The corporate management system in add energy is called “We in add energy”.  It contains generic requirements shared between all entities and all personnel working in add energy.

Our management system is ISO 9001 certified. To view our certificates click here.

HSEQ Policies & Targets

add energy’s HSEQ policies and targets are defined by “We in add energy”, as presented in this poster.

Ethics & Moral

add energy group's reputation and public trust in us depend on our employees' professionalism and competence and on a high level of ethical conduct. We;

Comply with national and international laws and regulations.
Promote fair trade and competition.
Abide by international standards for operations, HSEQ, human rights and anti-trust.
Act with integrity and professionalism.


Kristin Keiserås Bakkane
Group HSEQ Manager
add energy

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