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Asset and Integrity Management: engineering, software, and consultancy solutions

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We offer strategic asset management and performance optimization solutions that enable plants and businesses operating across the Americas to be safe, efficient, and profitable.

We achieve this by combining our award-winning technology and subject matter expert consultants to deliver best-practice, cost-effective and quality assured solutions designed to unlock business efficiencies.

Gain access to our asset management solutions to:

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Protect your people, plant, and the environment

Safeguard critical assets through implementation of risk mitigation barriers, enhanced competency of your people and compliance with regulations
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Boost company performance and profits

Deploy fully optimized maintenance, integrity, and materials management tactics to cut costs without compromising safety and integrity
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Minimize plant and equipment downtime

Assure reliability and availability of your assets by executing maintenance at the right time, with the right materials, no more – no less, derived from independent experts
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Comply with international standards

Gain access to world-class maintenance, materials and integrity standards, strategies and technology developed by one of the largest pools of asset management subject matter experts in the industry

Our Americas office hubs

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Our credentials

Our solutions have been proven to minimize business risk and unlock significant cost savings for our global clients across multiple industries. Some of our highlights include:

  • Savings of over $18.5Mper year by optimizing 170,000 annual planned maintenance hours 
  • Technical authors of corporate “performance standards” and “maintenance strategies” for the world’s largest energy producers
  • Savings of$14M on planning and efficiencies gains through enrichment of 147,000 Maintenance BoMs
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“Plant reliability is one of the most noticeable outputs of this project; not only are we setting record reliability statistics, but we are achieving this with optimized levels of maintenance, don’t at the right time, in a globally consistent manner.”

Director of Maintenance, International Energy Producer 

Our award-winning software

Our suite of software has been designed to improve the interface between people and data, harnessing machine learning and industry 4.0 to revolutionize the way businesses operate across the following domains:

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Susan Steyn

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Afia McClenaghan

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Neil Woodward

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