Transborders Energy announces Joint Study Agreement with Add Energy

 Photo courtesy of Transborders Energy: Initial field development plan utilising Transborders Energy's Generic FLNG Solution

Photo courtesy of Transborders Energy: Initial field development plan utilising Transborders Energy's Generic FLNG Solution

Transborders Energy Pty Ltd is pleased to announce it has signed a Joint Study Agreement with Add Energy to work together in conjunction with a major Asian LNG buyer on the development of the Company’s Generic Floating LNG (FLNG) Solution.

The Joint Study will allow Transborders to enhance the technical and commercial robustness of its ground breaking low-cost Generic FLNG Solution for monetising stranded gas resources.

Specifically, the agreement provides for the parties to work together to enhance the technical and commercial definition of the Generic FLNG Solution and consists of:

  • Completing technical Pre-Front End Engineering and Design (Pre-FEED) for the development well scope of the Generic FLNG Solution
  • Completing negotiation of key terms of major agreements for underpinning the reserve booking as well as facilitating project sanction (FID).

The involvement of Add Energy in developing Transborders’ Generic FLNG Solution provides significant credibility and predictability of cost and schedule for the Company’s Generic FLNG Solution. It is anticipated that the Joint Study will be completed by early 2019 and provide a sufficiently mature product to be deployed on stranded gas resource opportunities.


Transborders Managing Director, Mr Daein Cha, stated: 
“We are very pleased to sign this Joint Study Agreement as another key milestone for the business. The ongoing support from Add Energy is fundamental to the development of our Generic FLNG Solution”.

Add Energy Vice President, Eduardo Robaina, stated:
“We are excited to enter into this agreement, as we see great potential in the low-cost concept and its ability to unlock uneconomic smaller natural gas resources. Many challenges remain in our industry. Therefore, we must bring innovating thinking for capturing market upside.”


Add Energy secures a 3-year environmental management software deal with Neptune Energy

Add Energy, the international energy consultancy and software provider has secured a 3-year contract with Neptune Energy for the provision of their environmental management software, NEMS Accounter and NEMS Panorama.

 Photo: Polar Media

Photo: Polar Media

The contract will provide the independent oil and gas exploration and production company with access to Add Energy’s HSE solutions. Having access to this software will not only allow Neptune Energy to ensure their operations are compliant with environmental regulations, but it will also provide consistent and efficient HSE reporting from each of their global operating assets to help the operator achieve environmental excellence.

Neptune Energy is 1 of 30 operators who have embedded Add Energy’s HSE software into their environmental management strategy. In 2014, Neptune Energy in the UK and Norway began using the NEMS software and due to the efficiencies and subsequent cost saving associated with simplified and automated reporting, the operator signed NEMS as their chosen environmental management portal for all of their operating assets globally.

Tom Dagstad, Executive Vice President of Environmental Solutions at Add Energy commented: “We are proud to have been awarded the extended global contract with Neptune Energy.

Our successful relationship over the past 4 years is set to continue with expanded geographical and product scope, as we plan to continue delivering excellent value for money for our client”.

NEMS Overview:

 Implementing NEMS Solution

Implementing NEMS Solution

With access to the corporate environmental reporting software - NEMS Panorama, Neptune Energy will be able to run reports, benchmark and analyse environmental data at the click of a button which they can share with both internal and external stakeholders.

NEMS Accounter will help the operator comply with environmental regulations through automated data gathering and calculation methods for the emissions and discharges of their operations.



Add Energy, the international energy consultancy provider, in partnership with their Indonesia partner, PT Synergy Engineering, have been awarded a maintenance build contract for work on Tangguh LNG expansion project in Indonesia.

The work is being undertaken in both Aberdeen, at Add Energy’s engineering centre, and in PT. Synergy head office in Jakarta.

 Damon Bowler Manager of Projects

Damon Bowler
Manager of Projects

Damon Bowler, Add Energy’s Manager of Projects commented, “As part of Add Energy’s commitment to the project, we have recruited a dedicated project manager to oversee the works and lead our expert team of consultants, analysts, engineers and technical assistants”.

This project is the latest win with BP following the global maintenance centralisation contract that was awarded to Add Energy in 2016 and is still underway.

In addition to this, the consultancy provider is already successfully half way through its last maintenance build project for BP on the West Nile Delta (WND), a development located just off the north coast of Egypt, where the team has learned some key lessons that will be fed into the planning and execution of the maintenance build for Tangguh.

Working in Indonesia for the second time, Add Energy is delighted to continue making progress in developing the region as a key growth area for the global energy company. Having secured the right partner to work with, Add Energy is using the opportunity to expand its footprint in the Far East market.


Peter Adam, Executive Vice President, Add Energy, commented: “Since beginning our initial relationship with BP, we have become embedded in their way of working. As we continue to work with them across many projects, we have adopted their efficient management of documentation and data, as well as our own processes and procedures that in turn make the project development smoother and more streamlined to the end goal”.

“Our software tools, Asset-C (Asset Register Builder tool), OptiBoM™ and our Global Maintenance Strategy Library, in combination with expert consulting and our ability to deliver cost effective solutions has positioned Add Energy as the most suitable contractor for this job.”

Arief Susanto, Managing Director of PT Synergy Engineering commented: “We are excited to work with Add Energy to provide additional services to our client base in Indonesia.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Add Energy for the development of similar services in the South East Asian region”.

Add Energy and Trendsetter's cutting edge well control hardware is contracted by Major Operator

Add Energy and Trendsetter Engineering Inc (TEI) have been contracted by an oil and gas operator to provide well control expertise and access to their patented Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS) to a well which is planned to be drilled in the Barents Sea during Q2 of 2018.

The contract will provide the operator with access to the RWIS system that will facilitate high rate kill requirements through a single relief well. This will allow the operator to increase the flexibility and redundancy of well kill operations by relocating pumping and storage off the relief well rig to dedicated pumping vessels.


The RWIS has been designed and built to greatly increase the pumping capacity of a single relief well by enabling the ability to pump in excess of 200 bbl per minute of kill mud through a single relief well, utilizing multiple vessels as opposed to the conventional method of multiple relief wells, requiring multiple MODU’s. The RWIS is installed on the relief well wellhead beneath the blowout preventer (BOP) to provide additional flow connections into the wellbore. Using high‐pressure flex lines, the inlets enable pumping units from separate floating vessels, in addition to the relief well rig, to deliver a high‐rate dynamic kill.

Having access to the RWIS will provide this operator with an additional layer of safety that ensures that a blowout that would typically require more than one intercept, can be killed with a single relief well, which in turn, reduces the risk for the entire well control operation. In addition to this, the RWIS hardware may also permit the operator to increase the size of their completions to increase the production rate, a significant industry development that can make marginal developments sanctionable.

Prior to the award of the contract, Add Energy conducted a blowout and kill simulation study to verify that a worst-case blowout during the drilling of the upcoming well can be controlled by a single relief well. The analysis concluded that the RWIS will significantly increase the kill mud pumping capacity and hence likelihood of a successful kill operation in the event of a blowout.

Morten Haug Emilsen, Senior Vice President at Add Energy commented: “For Add Energy this contract is a good example of technology developed jointly by two leading service providers that will benefit the drilling industry for the years to come. The unique combination of competence and experience from both companies were essential to materialize an idea that has been in our minds since 1989. In 2017, a major milestone was accomplished when the technology was commercialized, and the first contract for the RWIS was signed.”

He added, “We are thrilled to support our client with the optimisation of their well control strategy and implementation”.

Brett Morry, Global Technical Director at Trendsetter Engineering also commented: “For TEI, this contract validates the belief in the collaboration between Add Energy and TEI and gives a clear message that this hardware presents a viable solution to an existing industry problem.”

The RWIS is currently stored at Trendsetter Engineering’s Global Readiness Center in Houston, Texas and can be mobilised in as little as 24 hours in the event of an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release.