Add Energy Launches New Software to Optimise Maintenance Costs

Aberdeen-based maintenance and reliability consultancy provider, Add Energy, has joined forces with The University of Salford in Manchester to develop a new technology that will significantly optimise maintenance time and improve overall asset performance.


The cloud-based software, Aim-Hi™, which is being officially launched today, 5th March 2019, is the culmination of five years of development. It provides real-time visualisation and data insights into asset performance, maintenance and risk across the energy and utility sectors.


The software has already been deployed on 3 assets including a power generation plant, a mining and metals business and a gas processing terminal, where it has helped maintenance teams to save time and cost by expediting the traditionally complex and lengthy process of preparing KPI data manually, reduced corrective maintenance by 8% and halved the amount of time spent on emergency work.


Peter Adam, Add Energy’s Executive Vice President, said:
We have combined years of experience with the intelligence of our consultants and the algorithms we use to create this KPI management solution.  Aim-Hi™ puts asset and maintenance managers back in control - helping them make better, more informed decisions, plan more effectively and address unexpected events efficiently.


In addition to developing the software in partnership with the University of Salford, Add Energy also conducted multiple user group sessions with Uniper’s CCGT power plant, located in the Isle of Grain, UK. The maintenance team at this plant provided invaluable user feedback that enabled the tool to be tailored specifically to address the common issues relating big data faced by maintenance teams.


Aim-Hi™ not only provides greater transparency around key performance indicators, but it also enables users to understand why assets are performing as they are and make informed decisions based on reliable, up to date data.

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 07.13.50.png

 The software focuses on five core areas of compliance analysis including; preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, emergency maintenance, scheduled maintenance and planned vs unplanned maintenance compliance.


The approach to the design and utilisation of the software was to enable users to get what they need in no more than 3 clicks:

  1. With 0 clicks, users can see an overview of how they are performing

  2. With 1 click, users can discover more about a single KPI, including why they are not hitting their target

  3. And with 2 clicks, users can dig even deeper, and identify specifically what is causing the issue.


Aim-Hi™ uses graphs to display data enabling users to identify non-compliance instantly, and generates automatic text summaries, explaining what is going on in the graphs.


In addition to this, the software will automatically generate KPI reports for users, as often as they want. Ultimately, Aim-Hi™ will give you the top critical issues you need to go after, with specific data points that back it up.



Aloysius Peter, Business Solutions Architect at Uniper Energy commented:
Aim-Hi™ not only tells you how you are performing against your KPI’s relating to maintenance, but, more importantly, it tells you the why behind them.

Gaining access to such insights at the click of a button, enables business to be more efficient by focusing on fixing issues, rather than manipulating data and spending excessive time investigating the reasons behind under performance.’’

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 07.14.05.png

Julian Bass, Programme Leader of Computing, Science and Engineering said:
This has been a fantastic project for us to be involved with and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Add Energy on new software developments over the next few years.

As operating assets literally have tens of thousands of working parts which have to be maintained, according to a carefully optimised schedule, creating the Aim- Hi™ software was a real test of our ingenuity, and we are delighted it is working so well for Add Energy and its customers.

The partnership with Add Energy has enabled us to enrich our courses with syllabus updates, assignments and projects based on the issues actually confronted in the commercial energy sector. This improves the employability of our students and ensures our teaching is up-to-date and relevant.

In addition to this, the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Salford and Add Energy was recently awarded an ‘Outstanding’ status from Innovate UK, which made us extremely proud. Very few KTPs achieve the accolade.”

Add Energy’s Drilling and Well Experts assist AAOG in the Drilling of Djeno Discovery Well


Add Energy’s Drilling and Well Operations division has been awarded a contract with Anglo African Oil and Gas (AAOG) for the provision of well management services in the Tilapia field, onshore in the Republic of the Congo.  As an independent AIM-listed oil and gas developer, AAOG have invested in the appraisal and development of a number of wells including drilling the TLP-103C well in the Tilapia Field, working closely with the Add Energy team.

AAOG team photo.PNG

The specialist team provided by Add Energy comprised of a Drilling Manager, a Senior Drilling Engineer and wellsite Drilling Supervisors, who were tasked with the management and well engineering of the Drilling and Completion operations, and the 24 hour a day wellsite supervision. 

 James Berwick, Chief Executive Officer at AAOG commented;
AAOG contracted Add Energy due to their credibility and track record in delivering safe, effective and reliable well management services in remote and technically challenging environments. We are pleased with the expertise and professionalism of the Add Energy team, and look forward to with them again on our anticipated completion of the TLP-103C well in April 2019”.

 Dermot O’Keefe, Chief Operating Officer at Add Energy commented;
We are delighted to be able to support AAOG in the development of their first well on the Tilapia field as an Operator. I am confident that the management and robust solutions provided by Add Energy will provide a solid foundation for supporting future drilling plans within AAOG’s portfolio of assets, and we are excited to continue supporting their operations into the future.

Add Energy Off To ‘Flying Start’ With Clutch of New Contract Wins

Asset and Integrity Management (AIM) divisions Headquarters in Aberdeen

Energy Consultancy, Add Energy, is on track to achieve its growth ambitions after a strong start to the year.

The firm’s Aberdeen headquartered Asset and Integrity Management (AIM) division has secured new contracts totalling more than £250,000 in recent weeks, further bolstering its £1.1 million of new wins announced at the end of 2018. In addition to this, Add Energy has recruited 19 staff and contractors in the last month, and has plans to continue their recruitment drive over the next few weeks.


The latest agreements will see the company provide asset management and maintenance optimisation support to oil and gas operators, service companies, drilling contractors and power generation plants in the UK, Norway, North America, Monaco and Trinidad and Tobago.


Peter Adam - Executive Vice President

Peter Adam, Add Energy’s Executive Vice President, said: “We’re off to a flying start and are optimistic that we will be able to keep the momentum going throughout 2019 and to continue to build, and grow the division which will see us further expand our presence in key global regions.


With oil and gas production expected to increase over the next five years, maintenance and integrity management is critical to both safe and efficient operations. We look forward to working with our clients to enhance their activity.

Add Energy’s AIM team offers strategic asset management and maintenance optimisation solutions to oil and gas production facilities, power generation plants, FPSO’s, drilling facilities, and mining companies. The delivery of business improvements is supported by analysis and consultancy, enabling our clients to use resources effectively and safely.

Recent client projects identified more than £300,000 worth of annual maintenance savings through optimisation of man-hours and maintenance tasks, whilst another enhanced their client’s asset register by updating it with 2000 pieces of equipment that was previously unaccounted for.


Mr Adam added: “Operational excellence is an aim of every plant operator but often it can be difficult to understand the true performance and condition of assets. By combining decades of industry expertise with the latest technology, our data-driven approach provides a clear programme for improvements.


Add Energy’s Asset and Integrity Management arm currently employs over 100 people across offices in Aberdeen and Houston.


For more information about the AIM division click here.

Add Energy’s Well Control Experts Play Crucial Role in Controlling an Underground Blowout

A deep and high pressure well was drilled and during the subsequent completion phase, a pressure anomaly was observed. Diagnostics and evaluations completed by Add Energy determined that gas was flowing from the total depth (TD) of the well through a leak in the tubing and further to the surrounding formation.

Morten Haug Emilsen - Executive Vice President

Morten Haug Emilsen - Executive Vice President

Add Energy specialists were contracted to analyze and develop plans to stop the uncontrolled cross flow. Two senior well control engineers from Add Energy's Houston office mobilized on location, whilst a senior well control engineer working out of Add Energy’s headquarters in Oslo, worked hard to diagnose the situation and plan for alternative recovery and mitigation options.

The Olga-Well-Kill software was used to develop the kill plan and the final operation turned out in excellent alignment with the predictions. The client praised Add Energy's contribution and stated that their work was crucial for controlling the situation in a safe and timely manner. 

Morten Haug Emilsen, Senior Vice President at Add Energy commented; “We are proud of the work that we delivered for our client during this tense period, we believe that our technical expertise and ability to mobilize quickly and efficiently enabled this well kill to be a success, whilst minimizing the impact it had for our client.”

Add Energy's well control and blowout support team has extensive experience derived from more than 70 live incidents, and were central in combatting the well-known Montara, Macondo, Elgin and Porter Ranch blowouts.