Add Energy appoints new CEO

Add Energy is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ole B Rygg as new Chief Executive Officer, effective 10 August 2015.

Dr. Rygg has been with add energy since its inception in 2008.  He has held positions as Chief Technical Officer, Senior Vice President and managing the Well Control and Blowout Support group.  He is an internationally renowned capability within dynamic flow simulations in the drilling domain, and within blowout prevention and resolution, having worked on all the large oilfield accidents the last years: Montara, Macondo (Deepwater Horizon) and Elgin.

Dr. Rygg holds a M.Sc. and Dr. Scient in Fluid Mechanics from the University in Oslo.

In addition to Dr. Rygg’s new role, the Board and management have defined a new organisational model to stimulate efficient decision making and ensure agility.  The new management team will in addition consist of:


Harald Justnaes
Chief Financial Officer

Dermot O'Keeffe
Chief Operating Officer

Terje Lokke-Sorensen
Chief Technical Officer

The Board and I very much look forward to working with Ole and his team in the further development of add energy. The opportunities are many and our competence and quality is exceptional so we are in for success”,

Per Arne Jensen, Chairman of the Board.