Add Energy commissioned by Petroleum Safety Authority Norway


Add Energy's Well Control & Blowout Support has been awarded two contracts for performing studies related to drilling activities in the Barents Sea

One of the studies will address uncertainties related to directional drilling at high latitudes where the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field is reduced. Key challenges for drilling at high latitudes are the management of magnetic interference from the BHA and drill string and the accurate specification of the geomagnetic field to convert magnetic azimuth to true azimuth.

Another challenge when drilling in the Barents Sea is shallow reservoirs and potentially fracturing the overburden. A separate study will provide recommendations and mitigating solutions related to well integrity and barrier philosophy for horizontal production and injection wells. Evaluations related to drilling of relief wells will also be addressed.

Morten H. Emilsen, Senior Vice President at Add Energy commented; "We are pleased to see that the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway commissioned Add Energy for these studies. We believe that our expert knowledge within well control engineering will provide valuable insight into the challenges faced by the petroleum industry exploring at existing and new production licenses in the Barents Sea."