Add Energy boost Spare Part Sourcing

For optimal performance, a maintenance BoM (Bill of Materials) should be assigned to the maintenance task with the specific parts/materials required for the job to commence without delay.

Add Energy’s Bill of Materials (BoMs) software, OptiBoM™ is the industry leading BoMs database containing over 9 million records of spare part data. The database has been designed to bridge the gap between operations and procurement, ensuring critical spare part information is available on demand, so that part sourcing can be executed efficiently and on time.

Watch here to see how missing BoM data could be effecting your asset

The tool has a proven track record in:

  • Reducing equipment downtime through immediate access to spare parts
  • Rationalizing maintenance expenditure by reducing delays in maintenance
  • Eliminating time wastage associated with part sourcing
  • Removing capital tied up in unnecessary stock by rationalizing the spare part inventory
  • Minimizing the risk of purchasing spares at premium prices which are often associated with emergency purchase orders
  • Improving the Management of Change (MoC) process

As part of this service offering, Add Energy offer a FREE no obligation Return on Investment Calculator which is capable of determining the costs associated with missing or incorrect BoM information in our clients computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). 

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