Environmental Management Solutions

With 3 decades of experience with environmental compliancy issues and developing the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we are passionately dedicated to be your preferred partner.

Environmental advise and assessments

Add Energy has since 1986 assisted oil and gas operators, chemicals suppliers, authorities and Norwegian Oil and Gas Association with environmental advise. add energy has spearheaded several joint industry projects on emission quantification and national emissions and discharge reporting. Through our advice, the different stakeholders in the oil and gas industry have gotten more accurate and consistent means of quantifying and reporting emissions. Our vast historical record of accomplishments has been vital in our development of the industry’s leading environmental software solutions.

Energy Management and environmental budgeting

Add Energy has since 1998 delivered different energy management solutions to our clients. We conduct comprehensive energy mappings, modelling and forecasting of your energy demand. Since 2010, we have conducted over 2 000 energy forecasts for different projects and clients, and in 2015 almost 400 forecasts were conducted. Knowledge of energy forecasting is a key competence needed for establishing emissions forecasts and in establishing energy baselines in accordance with ISO 50001. We also conduct environmental budgets from cradle to grave of all emissions, discharges, waste generation and chemical usage for any kind of project. Read more

Power from shore

All new developments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf need to conduct a power from shore assessment. This assessment include a technical feasibility assessment and abatement cost assessment. Add Energy has since 2002 assisted Norwegian Oil and Gas association, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, individual operators and other stakeholders with power from shore assessments. We conduct studies for individual field developments and area evaluations. We estimate the emission reduction potential, CAPEX and OPEX and calculate the abatement cost (cost per CO2 mitigated). We also evaluate other impact effects of power from shore.

Authority compliance

Since Add Energy has been involved in the development of reporting guidelines and quantification methods, we are a passionately dedicated partner when it comes to authority compliance. Our energy and environmental experts will assist you with your RNB reporting, annual report, EU ETS reporting, discharge permit application and more. Our vast experience ensure you get cost efficient and high quality compliancy work.

Chemical documentation

Add Energy has since 1995 assisted most of the chemicals suppliers and operators with correct environmental documentation of chemicals, according to the OSPAR HOCNF (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format) framework.

We can assist you with advisory service and assistance with the current legislations and guidelines, prepare and quality assure your HOCNF and advise you on pre-screening of test results and ecotoxicological testing of chemicals.



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Environmental Solutions



Methods for estimating direct hydrocarbon emissions from the NCS had not been updated for 20 years, and Norwegian Environment Agency needed to assess new methods to assure that correct numbers are reported.


Add Energy conducted the assessment in close co-operation with the industry by in-depth meetings with process and operational experts in the operating oil companies. The assessment included emission source mapping of 68 offshore installations operated by nine different companies.



Common sources were identified

Best available techniques were proposed for all sources

Improved estimation methods were proposed

Software Solutions

Our environmental software solutions have been key tools for environmental compliance for decades. The solutions are developed in close cooperation with clients operating in some of the most environmentally conscious regions of the world.



NEMS Panorama makes reporting, benchmarking and data analysis easy. As it should be.

Our new solution for corporate environmental reporting. Using NEMS Panorama, you get consistent reporting from all your assets across industries. NEMS Panorama removes the fog cluttering your data, making your data consistent and tangible. Transparent and traceable. NEMS Panorama enables easy information sharing with internal and external stakeholders - without compromising information security.


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Environmental Solutions


The dominant environmental management solution in the North Sea region

A web-based online environmental management solution for experts by experts. No installation needed, fully operational from day one, and easily scaled to your growing operations. Continuous software development ensures you invest in a solution that always is compliant with ever-changing demands and requirements.


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Environmental Solutions


The industry standard on the NCS

A web-based online chemical management tool ensuring consistent data flow between suppliers, operators and authorities. Ensures your compliance with regards to chemical use and documentation.


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Environmental Solutions


All Norwegian oil and gas operators needed a new common environmental reporting portal.


Add Energy used its NEMS Panorama solution as core and developed a new authority reporting framework. By using our proprietary solution we could in months deliver what others would need years to develop.


Satisfied operator end users

Accepted by the Norwegian Environmental Agency

Delivered on time and within budget