A Strategic Solution for Compliance of New US Regulations

16 Jun 2016

J. Connor Consulting Inc., Add Energy Group AS and Trendsetter Engineering Inc. have formed a strategic alliance (JAT Alliance) designed to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of services which will enable Operators in the Gulf of Mexico to comply with new, more stringent regulations which recently came into effect.

Changes to Regulations: In response to the Deepwater Horizon incident, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is implementing additional well control regulations to ensure safe and responsible offshore oil and gas development. GoM operators must now comply with an extensive and detailed list of new measures including more rigorous design requirements and operational procedures for critical well control equipment.

As a result of these changes, many operators do not have the resources to comply and manage all the changes required. In recognizing this, the JAT Alliance has been designed to assist operators with the additional workload and ensure compliance with BSEE regulations. Together, the experience and expertise of our newly formed alliance offers a much stronger, more experienced, and broader professional team delivering solutions for a comprehensive package that satisfies the demands of the latest regulatory requirements.

The JAT Alliance service offering includes:


  • Regulatory Plans and Permits
  • esponse Plans
  • Well and Flow Engineering
  • Risk Management

Operational Support;

  • Daily Rig Monitoring (Engineering/Compliance)
  • Revised Permitting
  • Simulation While Drilling


  • SEMS Compliance
  • Oil Spill Response Plans
  • Drills & Exercises
  • Training

Incident Response;

  • Well Control Support
  • Source Control SME and SCCE OEM Technicians
  • Expedited Plans & Permits
  • Root Cause Analysis

Each company within this alliance are well known for their market leading expertise, experience, and professionalism within the Oil and Gas industry;

J.Connor Consulting, Inc.
A regulatory consultancy firm specializing in the onshore and offshore GOM regulatory process, preparation of user-friendly incident response plans, engineering services, safety and environmental services, and facilitation of comprehensive oil spill response training/drills to oil and gas companies and pipeline operators.

Add Energy AS
Well Control & Blowout Support team delivers transient, multiphase dynamic flow simulations for contingency planning and expert on-site advisory for blowouts and well control incidents.

Trendsetter Engineering Inc.
Global leader in subsea source control with services covering the full spectrum from preparedness through response including Source Control & Containment Equipment (SCCE), planning, training and facilitation of subsea well control response drills/exercises and incident response support.

See: http://alliance.jccteam.com for more details about the services