Add Energy strong contributor to the AMOSC Westwind oil spill exercise 2015

30 Jun 2015

Add Energy have over the years after the Macondo-incident participated in a significant number of source control exercises and spill drills all over the world

Add Energy contribute with subject matter expertise in the area of blowout and kill simulations, in addition to relief well design and drilling.

During the period from the 8th to the 12th June, add energy participated in the “Exercise Westwind 2015” - the Australian National Plan exercise that simulates a ‘spill of national significance’. For the first time in its history, the Australian National Plan held an exercise to test the offshore industry arrangements in Western Australia. It was also the first time source control and subsea response were included in such an exercise.

The exercise was organized and lead by the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC), which is an oil and gas non-for-profit industry based organisation specialising in the provision of oil spill preparedness, advice, training and response to marine based oil spills.

The exercise was held in Perth, and the add energy participants were Thomas Selbekk, Sr Vice President of Reservoir Development, and Jim Morrison, Executive Vice President of Safety, Risk and Environment.

add energy contributed in the area of relief well design and drilling, the primary method of stopping an uncontrolled blowout. As AMOSC stated: “the presence of add energy lifted the realism and response efforts of the participants, and was a strong reinforcement around the need for subject matter experts to be used during responses of this nature.”

add energy look forward to cooperating with AMOSC on source control exercises also in the near future.