Increased environmental focus in the Australian Northern Territory

01 Mar 2016

add energy wins another Australian Government contract

After further enhancing its Environmental Management capability during 2015, Safety & Risk Engineering was successful in another Northern Territory (NT) Government tender and was recently awarded a contract to review, rewrite and assist in implementation of the NT Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP).

This Government contract comes on the back of other NT Government contracts that Safety & Risk Engineering has been awarded since 2010. The more recent contract – sponsored by the NT Government Department of Transport (DoT) – will be project managed by Dr. Andrew Morgan, Principal Environmental Advisor, who is a member of the Safety & Risk Engineering team.

Marine traffic in the vicinity of the NT has significantly increased in recent years, primarily as a result of the successful offshore oil & gas exploration and associated production in this region of Australia – accordingly, the spill risk profile for the region continues to change.

This project will revise the NT OSCP and align it with the National Plan. It will provide the NT Government with a contemporary and robust plan and increased capacity within DoT to respond to and manage the threat of oil spills in the NT.

For more information, contact: Andrew Morgan, Principal Environmental Advisor