New Maintenance Deals Worth $2M Consolidate Canadian and American Position

15 Jul 2021

A leading international asset and integrity management consultancy, service and software provider has secured deals worth USD$2 million in Canada and North America.

Susan Steyn
Susan Steyn, Add Energy

In the US, the team based in Add Energy’s Houston office has won substantial projects to supply digital maintenance, integrity, and operating management system solutions for both onshore and offshore oil and gas plants across the US and the Caribbean.

With the emphasis on ensuring safety integrity and profitability of ongoing operations, the company’s unrivalled experience in delivering business performance improvement programmes for over 1000 assets, and bespoke asset management software was key in securing the new work amid a cost-conscious environment.

The scope of work for a production facility located in Trinidad and Tobago includes the delivery of a digital maintenance and integrity management programme (CMMS Build), designed to reduce risk, and assure plant reliability by ensuring the right level of maintenance is done on the right equipment, at the right time, with the right materials, no more no less. The company’s maintenance and integrity data build software, Effio™ will be integral to the delivery of this project by providing a cloud-based collaborative CMMS data build platform that ensures data quality, consistency, and standardization throughout the maintenance, materials, and integrity management programme deployment.

In addition to this, Add Energy’s Houston team have been contracted to enhance a US based oil and gas operators operating management system, which will include the development of new asset management and operational standards and procedures.

Meanwhile in Canada, Add Energy’s core services and performance optimization software have been called upon by an oil and natural gas company to design and deliver a three-year maintenance optimization roadmap and bespoke maintenance management training focused on safety, sustainability, and efficiencies. The solutions delivered during this project will also be cascaded across multiple gas plant locations within their portfolio.

Commenting on the news, Add Energy’s Vice President, Susan Steyn said: “Once again, the importance of our software solutions and global track record successfully combined with our ability to deliver remotely have been central to us securing these significant projects.

“Our recent project awards have further solidified our position across the region, in addition to this, I am proud of our CMMS build software capabilities and its capacity to reduce cost and time associated with a master data build or optimization project. I believe this will continue to be extremely attractive and effective for our clients on their journeys towards operational excellence.”

Afia McClenaghan, Country Manager in Canada added: “I believe our ability to analyze, benchmark and project value and efficiency gains across our client’s maintenance management regime was key to us securing the delivery of a three-year improvement roadmap.

“During a time when budgets are being cut, having access to specialist knowledge, data analytics, a library of best practice maintenance data and software was a highly effective solution to establishing business performance improvements for our client, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide this level of support and confidence for our clients during a period of uncertainty.”