Safety and Risk

We provide technical safety and risk consultancy services to offshore, marine and major hazardous facilities industries. We also support our clients in achieving their HSEQ goals, through participation, training and coaching of personnel involved in operational activities from concept to project completion.

Development of HSEQ management system

We provide organisations with sustainable, fit for purpose HSEQ policies and management systems consistent with AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001, AS/NZS 31000, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 – ensuring compliance with legislative and corporate requirements.

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Assistance with regulatory approvals process

We assist in the regulatory approvals process from operator nomination, scope of validation and response to regulator comments on submissions. Our personnel are up to date with the latest Commonwealth and state regulator expectations, guidance and industry practice.

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Workshop facilitation

We conduct HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, SIMPOS, FMECA risk assessment workshops for all phases of the project lifecycle – addressing commercial risk, environmental impact, operational risk and security aspects. Our trained facilitators are efficient, keeping the participants focused, whilst utilising previous hazard registers and workshop outcomes where appropriate to streamline the overall process.

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Safety cases and formal safety assessments

We prepare Safety Cases and FSA studies for all types of facilities including fixed platforms, FPSO, MODU, construction vessels, flotels, pipelines and onshore MHF. We ensure that development of Safety Cases is compliant with regulations, guidance and industry accepted codes and practices, which can include safety surveys and audits.

Crisis and emergency management

We offer extensive experience in the development and implementation of Crisis and Emergency Management systems, including Emergency Response. Our team of professionals specialize in helping organizations prepare and train for the ‘unthinkable’ and worst case scenarios by delivering team training and conducting credible exercises with realistic emergency scenarios.

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HSEQ management system audit

We undertake corporate, operational and project specific HSEQ auditing of activities to identify opportunities for improvement, non-conformances and areas of non-compliance with legislation, corporate governance expectations and regulatory commitments – including pre-qualification auditing.

HSEQ training

We offer HSEQ training programs that are tailored or developed specific to a client’s operational requirements, and designed to meet HSEQ commitments and legal obligations.

Strategic security management

We deliver security solutions which extend beyond the bounds of traditional security management practice. Our experienced security professionals emanate from highly disciplined and skilled backgrounds and collectively bring together an integration of industry best practice in security management and a combination of risk engineering principles.

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Advisors and consultants

We offer competent and qualified HSEQ personnel with extensive experience in coaching, capacity building, managing HSEQ, client risk and skills in the planning, execution and supporting of onshore and offshore projects.

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Jim Morrison

Executive Vice President
Safety & Risk Engineering


Eduardo Robaina

Vice President
Petroleum Engineering



Develop & revise safety cases for client’s operation of offshore facility, mobile offshore drilling units and pipelines.

What we did

We provided high quality, coherent deliverables that met the expectations of the Regulator and were in accordance with Commonwealth Regulations and Client requirements.


Safety cases and safety case revisions were accepted by Regulators.