Operational Support

We support operating companies with personnel in the preparation, startup and operation of on and offshore process systems, supplemented with simulator training, authoring of procedures and skilled personnel.

Process training and competence

We arrange generic and platform specific simulator training, practicing of start-up/shut-down and troubleshooting, and general operator training.
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Documentation for operation

We extract and organize information from project & vendor documentation into system descriptions, procedures and handbooks, which ensure consistent, efficient and safe operation of equipment and systems.
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Integrated documentation & learning

We connect written documentation with instructive e-learning videos to enhance understanding and correct operation.

Offshore process, instrument, electric technicians

We offer experienced personnel into client’s onshore and offshore organization.

Courses for on and offshore personnel

- Start up and operation gas compressor - Introduction to oil and gas production, from A-Z - Extended platform operations - Management and emergency response for control room operators.
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Dr. Ole B. Rygg

Add Energy Group



Develop “Operating Documentation” for 3 new offshore process installations for ConocoPhillips, Norway.

What we did

We created documentation relating to operation of the process & utility systems. Covering: Functional descriptions, technical data , PSD/ESD, procedures for shutdown/startup, operation, blinding and purging, all of these were published on a customized web portal and integrated with multimedia training modules.


Users will have access to correct and updated information to ensure safe and efficient operations.