OPTIBoM™ Optimising Spare Part Management

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OptiBoM™ is the industry leading BoMs database containing over 9 million records of spare part data. The database has been designed to bridge the gap between operations and procurement, ensuring critical spare part information is available on demand, so that part sourcing can be executed efficiently and on time.

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Using OptiBoM™ to populate BoM data will ultimately:

Why OptiBoM™ makes the material difference:

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OptiBoM™ Product Manager
Asset & Integrity Management



Add Energy conducted a free assessment for a client to identify how much it was costing their asset, which was missing 7,712 BoMs, over the period of one year.


Missing BoMs


One Year Downtime Cost
One Year Maintenance Delays Cost
One Year Supply Chain Admin Cost
One Year Unused Spares Cost

One Year Cost


Three Year Cost


Five Year Cost


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