DRILLERS: the new Relief Well Injection Spool from Add Energy and Trendsetter Engineering can boost your well kill injection rates – read how 

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Committee selected Add Energy to present on Challenging Offshore Dynamic Kill Operations Made Possible with the Relief Well Injection Spool at their Deepwater and Completion Conference in Galveston, Texas.


The paper showcases a Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS) which has been designed to optimize well intervention techniques when an incident or blowout occurs. Following the vast amount of unsuccessful surface interventions in industry to date, dynamic kill operations have become the preferred method of intervention and control due to their success rate and efficiencies in safety. In response to this, Add Energy in partnership with Trendsetter Engineering have designed an RWIS so that intervention can occur at the source and control can be attained quickly and more effectively.

The RWIS sits between the wellhead and BOP so that additional inlets for pumping mud into the well at the seabed are provided to assure there is sufficient flow capacity, to perform a high rate dynamic kill in remote locations.

During the presentation Add Energy Well Kill Experts discuss scenarios relating to the application of the RWIS on both shallow and deep-water wells where by in both cases, a kill rate of 200 bpm is required at the relief well intersect to stop the uncontrolled flow from a blowout well.

The paper is authored by Ray T. Oskarsen and Ole B. Rygg of Add Energy, and Mike Cargol and Brett Morry, Trendsetter Engineering

 Click here to download the paper.


Ray T. Oskasen Senior Vice President Well Control & Blowout Support

Ray T. Oskasen
Senior Vice President Well Control & Blowout Support