Maintenance Optimization and Analysis

Ensuring your maintenance is consistently driven by data and industry best practice to minimize risk and maximize performance

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Maintenance is an investment - you’re investing in your people, your plant and your performance to ensure you can hit production targets, safely and consistently.

Maintenance strategy optimization is key to achieving this, fine tuning your plans based on current operational requirements, lessons learned, data analyzed, industry best practice, new techniques, new technology and so much more - meaning your maintenance strategies must be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Our highly experienced maintenance strategists can work with your team to optimize your plans - either conducting a full analysis and optimization project, or plugging into your in-house team to deliver specific components.

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Minimize unplanned failures

Reduce maintenance costs

Ensure steady, predictable output


“Add Energy has provided our Reliability Organization with Equipment Strategies for mechanical and electrical equipment. These strategies showed to be very comprehensive, well organized and contained material references that may serve to the elaboration of Bills of Materials.

The pricing was well based and in no case high. These documents are now serving as templates for the revision or build of the new strategies in the field.”

Maintenance Manager, Oil and Gas Operator, Canada