Asset Management Strategy

Creating the foundations for excellence

A realistic strategy for the execution of an optimised maintenance management regime

A standardised CMMS data set that is customised to your own business requirements and operations

A clear process for equipment “repair and spares” decisions based on risk, consequence and likelihood

A robust equipment criticality selection process that will manage risk and optimise expenditure

Unlocking efficiencies in operations through a clear and concise definition of your asset management strategy

Services offered by Add Energy:
  • CMMS/EAM Selection
  • CMMS/EAM System Migration Strategies
  • Asset and Maintenance Reference Plans
  • Maintenance Philosophy Development
  • CMMS Data Blueprint
  • Maintenance Strategy Creation
  • Repair and Sparing Philosophy/Decision Criteria Creation
  • Data Governance
  • Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Prioritisation Strategy Development
  • Equipment Criticality Assessment Process Development
  • Work Management Standards and Procedures
  • Operational Readiness Support
  • CMMS Data Analyst Manpower
  • Maintenance Consultant Strategic Advice
  • RAM Analysis
  • Training
  • Asset Life Extension Strategy
  • Decommissioning Maintenance Strategies
  • Equipment Vulnerability Analysis and Strategy development

“Tapping into expert experience to identify the most logical, streamlined and efficient asset management tactics is key to creating a productive maintenance management regime.”
Maintenance Library

Add Energy have a database of maintenance feed data that links through from the philosophy to equipment strategies to the job task. The maintenance strategies cover all major components that would be found in typical energy plants, these are built with reference to the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) along with industry best practice.


Profi-C™ is a modelling and benchmarking package which measures factors affecting productivity.


An integrated software and hardware solution which has the capacity to monitor and track stocked and installed components through their lifecycle using IoT technologies. The tagged RFID hardware, combined with Add Energy’s Asset Voice™ cloud-based software service enables stakeholders to track assets anywhere, at any time.

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How to overcome 7 common frustrations faced by Maintenance Managers

06 Oct 2020

How to overcome 7 common frustrations faced by Maintenance Managers

Being a Maintenance Manager can be a very rewarding, yet challenging role. A Maintenance Manager is typically accountable for ensuring maintenance is executed correctly, on time and within budget to assure the safety and integrity of the facility, and that uptime and reliability targets are achieved. 

Essential behaviours and traits of an influential leader

22 Sep 2020

Essential behaviours and traits of an influential leader

If you look after your people, they will in turn look after your clients and business. It is therefore fundamental that you influence correctly and lead them in the most effective way possible, to help them evolve, grow and deliver great work. 

Plugging the skills gap: why now is a critical time to invest in learning

04 Sep 2020

Plugging the skills gap: why now is a critical time to invest in learning

With an increasing number of knowledgeable and skilled people leaving the energy industry, and less experienced people stepping into managerial positions, there is a growing skills gap emerging across the globe that is brewing the perfect storm.

A Step-by-step guide to a CMMS build with Add Energy

02 Sep 2020

A Step-by-step guide to a CMMS build with Add Energy

Having an effective computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is vital for running a facility successfully, allowing the maintenance of equipment and assets to be more proactive as opposed to reactive. 

All decisions should be made based on accurate, reliable data - but for many companies, data within the CMMS is inaccurate or missing altogether. This can cause significant knock-on issues, for example high levels of backlog or conducting more corrective maintenance than preventative, which could be easily avoided.

3 training courses designed to unlock efficiencies for your asset

11 Aug 2020

3 training courses designed to unlock efficiencies for your asset

While training may seem like a costly and unnecessary venture right now, it will inevitably unlock ROI opportunities and savings in the long run. As new skills are learned, knowledge is enhanced and efficiencies will be gained in relation to enhanced production, reliability, HSE performance and cost optimization. 

This is especially true within the world of asset management and maintenance optimization at the moment, as there are a wealth of efficiency savings and production optimization  opportunities that can be unearthed and capitalised upon. And effective training can be the much-needed catalyst for these savings. 

My Take on Managing the Cost of Aging Assets

04 Aug 2020

My Take on Managing the Cost of Aging Assets

Managing operational expenditure is a challenge for any asset, but as the age of an asset increases, additional challenges are introduced, and the cost of operational expenditure typically rises. These additional costs are usually driven by equipment failure, obsolescence, and lack of sufficient maintenance.

To help manage the costs of aging assets, maintenance and operational stakeholders need to consider, and invest into proven initiatives that optimise ways of working, increase equipment reliability and assure safety integrity of the facility.

5 tips for preventing unplanned downtime

24 Jul 2020

5 tips for preventing unplanned downtime

The biggest enemy of maintenance and reliability is unplanned downtime. While planned downtime is inevitable when managing a plant, unplanned downtime is often one of the largest challenges and expenses.

When production has to cease unexpectedly because of a broken part or safety issue, time needs to be urgently spent to identify the problem, fix it, and ensure there are no ancillary issues before restarting. This is highly disruptive and costly, and maintenance teams are therefore always striving to avoid unexpected failures or breakdowns. 

5 indicators of an inefficient CMMS and how to overcome them

22 Jul 2020

5 indicators of an inefficient CMMS and how to overcome them

A computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is a critical element to efficient maintenance management. It is used to help meet production demands, reduce OPEX costs, increase profits, and minimize risk of incidents. In particular, an effective CMMS can provide better management and control of: