Asset Performance Diagnostics

Unlocking the potential of your assets, people, and data to maximize production and safeguard integrity

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Understand how your asset is performing compared to industry best practice


Identify where to focus investment for the most ROI


Roadmap improvements


Insights for improvement and how to implement them


Gain transparency around your costs and discover optimization opportunities

Gain actionable insights to optimize expenditure, unlock efficiencies and enhance safety

Services offered by Add Energy:
  • Repair and Spares Workshops
  • Operational Excellence Audits and Enhancement Programmes
  • Business Performance Improvement Programmes
  • Maintenance Benchmarking and Optimization Roadmaps
  • Uptime Improvement Studies and Implementation Plans
  • Change Management Programmes
  • CMMS Data Analysis and Enrichment Plans
  • Spares and Inventory Audits
  • Business KPI Development and Dashboard Creation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Capital and OPEX Investment Review and Advice
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Bespoke Software Solutions
Gain actionable insights to optimize expenditure, unlock efficiencies and enhance safety

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Our award-winning suite of software


A cloud-based maintenance management tool that provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPI’s and the asset’s planned maintenance regime. Visual dashboards enable users to quickly identify areas of underperformance and where opportunity for optimization, cost rationalization and resource maximization can be achieved.

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Brownfield Optimizer

An operational excellence auditing tool providing a clear picture of where business performance improvement opportunities exist on the asset across plant, process, production, technical integrity and people.


A historical planned and corrective maintenance analysis tool, that measures equipment performance through the analysis of failure and maintenance data. It identifies gaps in scheduled maintenance and equipment with high failure rates, which enables our team to highlight ineffective trends and areas where cost savings can be made.


An integrated software and hardware solution which has the capacity to monitor and track stocked and installed components through their lifecycle using IoT technologies. The tagged RFID hardware, combined with Add Energy’s Asset Voice™ cloud-based software service enables stakeholders to track assets anywhere, at any time.

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A digital data collection app designed to streamline the process of verifying and collecting asset data by creating efficiencies in the data collection and the QA process using systematic methodologies to: Standardize the data that is collected from the source Capture and automatically link photos to equipment tags in real time Auto populating load sheets for direct loading into CMMS, eliminating post walk down data entry

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"Using the data analysis tools and the experience of Add Energy’s consultants enabled opportunities for improvement to be realized quickly, allowing us to understand where to focus our efforts to gain maximum ROI."