Maintenance Optimization

Rationalizing expenditure and unlocking efficiencies

Reduce risk of downtime

Rationalize your maintenance expenditure

Assure equipment reliability

Optimize resource utilization through an optimized maintenance schedule

Build an optimized maintenance management regime through better utilization of your people, CMMS and processes

Services offered by Add Energy:
  • Maintenance Benchmarking and Improvement Roadmaps
  • Maintenance KPI Development and Live Dashboard Creation
  • Work Order Improvements and Frequency Optimization
  • Maintenance Packaging, Routing and Nesting
  • Maintenance Prioritization Process Implementation
  • Maintenance Backlog Rationalization
  • Maintenance Task Criticality Assignment
  • Equipment Reliability Analysis and Improvement Plans
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • RCM Studies
  • FMECA’s
  • Late Life Extension Assessments and Implementation Plans
  • Maintenance Management Training and Coaching
  • Work Management Training and Coaching
  • Expert Maintenance and CMMS Consultants - Manpower
  • Supply of Ad-Hoc Technical Advisers and Subject Matter Experts
  • Decommissioning Maintenance Strategy
  • Equipment Vulnerability Analysis and Strategy development
Maintenance Library

Add Energy have a database of maintenance feed data that links through from the philosophy to equipment strategies to the job task. The maintenance strategies cover all major components that would be found in typical energy plants, these are built with reference to the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) along with industry best practice.


A cloud-based maintenance management tool that provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPI’s and the asset’s planned maintenance regime. Visual dashboards enable users to quickly identify areas of underperformance and where opportunity for optimization, cost rationalization and resource maximization can be achieved.

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Profi-C™ is a modelling and benchmarking package which measures factors affecting productivity.


A historical planned and corrective maintenance analysis tool, that measures equipment performance through the analysis of failure and maintenance data. It identifies gaps in scheduled maintenance and equipment with high failure rates, which enables our team to highlight ineffective trends and areas where cost savings can be made.


An integrated software and hardware solution which has the capacity to monitor and track stocked and installed components through their lifecycle using IoT technologies. The tagged RFID hardware, combined with Add Energy’s Asset Voice™ cloud-based software service enables stakeholders to track assets anywhere, at any time.

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A digital data collection app designed to streamline the process of verifying and collecting asset data by creating efficiencies in the data collection and the QA process using systematic methodologies to: Standardize the data that is collected from the source Capture and automatically link photos to equipment tags in real time Auto populating load sheets for direct loading into CMMS, eliminating post walk down data entry

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Maintenance Scheduling Tool

A tool to automate the process of load levelling resources and maintenance tasks within the annualized maintenance schedule to maximize resource utilization and time. In creating routes to group maintenance, nesting and suppressing work orders, Add Energy can develop an efficient and cost-effective maintenance schedule in line with operational requirements.

Maintenance Improvement Study

From our experience of analyzing over 1,000 assets worldwide across the energy and utility sectors, our team of consultants and bespoke software can:

  • Drill deep into your data
  • Benchmark your current performance against industry best practice
  • Fully investigate problem areas
  • Deliver you a highly detailed action plan for improving the performance of your asset
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"On behalf of Stena Drilling, may I thank you and your excellent team for the effort put into our recent maintenance reviews and stock criticality reviews.

Having used the services of Add Energy over a number of years, we have seen great results and a continuous improvement in our equipment reliability and availability which has helped Stena Drilling to become one of the world’s leading drilling contractors. The annual maintenance reviews pay for themselves year on year and are a valuable tool in our arsenal when aiming for zero downtime.

Often the results of well planned maintenance activities or day to day running of the stores go unnoticed. But by using the knowledge of Add Energy we have continued to improve year on year and look forward to working with Add Energy in the future."

Gareth Falls, Maintenance Superintendent, Stena Drilling

Proven Results

We have delivered maintenance optimization for our clients across the globe. Our clients include drilling contractors, gas processing plants, power generation facilities, mining plants, FPSO’s, oil and gas operators and refineries.

Some of our results:

  • Saved $20,000,000 on annual planned maintenance expenditure through optimization of frequencies, man hours and job plans
  • Identified over $1,700,000 of annual maintenance savings during a 2 week study

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Asset and Integrity Management Blog

How to de-risk “Master Data Migration and Transfer” programs

09 Apr 2021

How to de-risk “Master Data Migration and Transfer” programs

When a company embarks on a business merger or acquisition of a facility or multiple facilities, there are several critical success factors for assuring the process is implemented as seamlessly, morally, and efficiently as possible.

The CMMS, EAM or ERP sits at the heart of safe, effective, and efficient management of a facility, therefore the migration of the maintenance, materials and integrity data to a single, common platform can be critical to the success of a merger or acquisition.

In this blog, Andy Bell – a data migration expert from Add Energy, discusses common challenges associated with data migration, the risks and potential impact this can have on a business when it goes wrong and solutions to consider for setting a data migration project up for success.

5 Daily habits of an effective Maintenance Manager

08 Apr 2021

5 Daily habits of an effective Maintenance Manager

Being a Maintenance Manager can be a very rewarding job, but it can also come with huge challenges and pressures around effective management of costs, time, safety, efficiencies and much more.

At Add Energy, we understand the highs and lows you face with maintenance management. In this blog, we have combined some top tips for becoming an even more effective Maintenance Manager, despite the challenging environment you work in...

A data driven journey to maintenance excellence: how we saved $46.5M of annual maintenance expenditure

06 Apr 2021

A data driven journey to maintenance excellence: how we saved $46.5M of annual maintenance expenditure

It is a known fact that planned preventative maintenance is significantly more cost-effective than breakdown maintenance or replacing expensive parts. For many companies, preventative maintenance is seen as an investment - one that must be carefully balanced, planned, and scheduled to reap the economic and safety benefits so that the return on investment (ROI) can be realized. 

Without a meticulously planned preventative maintenance management regime, companies are subject to increased risk of equipment failure, loss of production, and excessive maintenance costs.

The real impact of delaying maintenance

16 Mar 2021

The real impact of delaying maintenance

Good scheduling is key to a successful maintenance regime, however many factors can impact your ability to execute maintenance as originally planned. Delaying work can be inevitable, and this can lead to significant challenges for maintenance teams - from managing increased risk to inefficiencies and complexities when planning.

Add Energy’s Simon Fisher, Project Director, and Danny McGowan, Operations Manager, have conducted a deep dive on maintenance deferment, discussing why this occurs, what the impact can be and advice for asset and maintenance teams for effectively minimizing risk and reducing the need for deferrals.

How RFID tagging can benefit Logistics Managers

10 Mar 2021

How RFID tagging can benefit Logistics Managers

Logistics Managers can significantly reduce risks and unlock major efficiencies by deploying RFID tagging across key equipment. Having instant access to accurate, reliable information provided by unique identification tags can help you to protect the value of your plant or company, identify cost and resource saving opportunities, and minimize risk.

At a base level, RFID tagging allows you to very easily know what is what. It gives your equipment a digital identity, and allows you to associate detailed information with that identity - such as where it’s been, its current location, its service history, its cost, its maintenance, and much more - so that strategic decisions can be made with confidence.

In this blog post, we explore the key benefits RFID tagging can bring to Logistics Managers…

Inventory management: a goldmine for unlocking opportunities to save money

08 Mar 2021

Inventory management: a goldmine for unlocking opportunities to save money

To mitigate risk of downtime, assure profitability and the safety integrity of an operating facility, regardless of the sector you are operating in, it is crucial to strike the perfect balance between holding enough spares to mitigate risk whilst minimizing expenditure.

From an inventory management and maintenance perspective, efficiently and cost effectively procuring the right equipment, at the right time for maintenance to commence without delay is fundamental for achieving asset performance goals, and is one of the biggest challenges that operating facilities face during day to day operations.

In our experience, the root cause of this usually stems from the quality and completeness of the data within the CMMS, or lack of it. A lack of standardization, missing information, wrong information and poorly linked data sets are some of the typical contributors to costly and inefficient spare part management.

Reeve Watt, Senior Consultant at Add Energy works directly with Maintenance and Supply Chain stakeholders to help operating facilities overcome these challenges. In this blog post, Reeve discusses proven solutions that can be efficiently deployed to optimize inventory management amid a cost conscious environment.

Add Energy celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

08 Mar 2021

Add Energy celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. March 8th, 2021 is the day for accelerating gender parity and sparking meaningful narratives globally around gender bias and women’s achievements.

This year’s #ChooseToChallenge theme encourages participants to seek out and celebrate women by choosing to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality, aiming to collectively create an inclusive world.

To celebrate International Women’s Day at Add Energy, we reached out to our female employees in our Aberdeen, Perth (Australia) and North American offices and asked the team to share quotes and thoughts that inspire them as woman in business, to help communicate and promote what IWD means to them.

Here is what our team had to say…

Building competency for the future: showcasing the importance of learning while you work during Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021

01 Mar 2021

Building competency for the future: showcasing the importance of learning while you work during Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021 is a time to share the value apprenticeships can bring to individuals, employers and the economy. The theme for 2021is Business Backing Talent, showcasing the great things that happen when employers back talent through apprenticeships.

At Add Energy we have found that supporting apprentices through their studies has brought a wealth of benefits to both our team of apprentices and our company, from upskilling our people through formal learning and development opportunities to improving the productivity of our business functions and thus the quality of our services to our clients.

As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, our team of Add Energy apprentices have shared their experiences as well as the benefits of learning while you work.