Maintenance Improvement Study

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Assuring you do the right maintenance, on the right equipment, at the right time – no more no less

Gain actionable insights and a detailed roadmap designed to assure integrity, maximize reliability, optimize maintenance expenditure, and unlock efficiencies in your maintenance management regime

How we can help

At Add Energy, we utilize our award-winning software, world-class maintenance standards and highly experienced experts to identify and implement maintenance optimization tactics designed to safeguard production and minimize operational expenditure.

From our experience of analyzing over 1,000 plants across multiple industries worldwide, our team of maintenance consultants and analytical software will:

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Drill deep into your maintenance data and strategies

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Benchmark your maintenance regime and plant performance against industry best practice

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Fully investigate problem areas and identify opportunities for improvement

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Deliver you a highly detailed action plan for optimizing your maintenance management regime, without compromising integrity

Challenges you may face

  • You’re swamped with day-to-day operations and maintenance tasks
  • You have a gut feeling your maintenance regime is underperforming
  • You don’t have the software or data to benchmark your performance against peers
  • Your data is complex, or potentially incomplete
  • You don’t know where to start

What value can we deliver?

  • Uncover performance improvement opportunities by understanding how your maintenance regime is set up and performing compared to best practice
  • Identify and prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Identify quick wins to optimize asset performance and maintenance expenditure
  • Gain transparency around your costs, and discover optimization opportunities
  • Increase production
  • Reduce the risk of safety incidents occurring

Our results

  • Saved $20,000,000 on annual planned maintenance expenditure through optimization of frequencies, man hours and job plans
  • Identified over $1,700,000 of annual maintenance savings during a 2-week study
  • Enhanced production uptime by 11% through maintenance optimization improvements recommended by Add Energy
  • Saved 11,500 man hours associated with planned maintenance through equipment criticality improvements
  • Saved over $450,000 of planned maintenance through routing and nesting of work orders
  • Identified over $19M of spares in stores that were not required to hold as stock

Our software

Gain access to maintenance optimization software that is guaranteed to help protect your people, plant, and the environment, optimize operational and maintenance expenditure, mitigate unhealthy maintenance backlog, and minimize plant and equipment downtime.

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Aim-Hi™ is a powerful planned maintenance strategy benchmarking tool that analyses our client’s maintenance strategy application, frequencies, man hours and work instructions to identify opportunities for improvement and rationalization.

The results are benchmarked against industry best practice, reliability data and Add Energy’s own maintenance strategy library. The outputs are reviewed in detail by our team of maintenance consultants and engineers, who apply their experience and expertise to develop a prioritized improvement plan with associated cost savings.

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Look-C™ is a historical planned and corrective maintenance analysis tool, that measures equipment performance through the analysis of failure and corrective maintenance data.

This analysis enables our team to highlight ineffective trends and determine opportunities to optimize preventative maintenance so that the equipment is more reliable and unplanned corrective maintenance time and costs are minimized.


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