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Reduce risk and preserve integrity through an optimized maintenance and inventory management strategy, aligned to your decommissioning plans

As you move through the decommissioning process, and equipment is progressively taken offline, your maintenance requirements will change.
It is therefore important to align your maintenance strategy with your decommissioning timeline, to ensure you continue to apply the correct maintenance to safety critical equipment, and don’t waste time and resources conducting unnecessary work.

How our decommissioning solutions can help you

Minimize risk and ensure safety

Minimize risk and ensure safety

Be confident that all safety critical maintenance is being conducted as long as required, to minimize the risk of incidents occurring, to ensure the safety of people on the asset and to protect the environment

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Decommissioning projects can be costly, and reducing maintenance and sparing requirements as soon as possible is an effective way of avoiding unnecessary expenditure and ultimately reducing spend

Streamline operations

Streamline operations

By aligning your maintenance with your decommissioning project, you can ensure unnecessary work is rapidly stopped, which will in turn reduce backlog and man-hours required on your asset

Optimize the number of personnel on site

Optimize the number of personnel on site

Reduce risk, costs and logistical requirements by ensuring that only personnel who are critical to progressing your decommissioning project are on site, when required

Recycle high-value equipment

Recycle high-value equipment

Understand what equipment is fit to be recycled and sold off to reduce your carbon footprint and gain capital back into your business

Our decommissioning solutions

We can advise how to effectively align your maintenance, inspection and materials management regime with your decommissioning plan and implement changes to your strategy directly in your CMMS, EAM or ERP.

Our end-to-end support can include:

  • Development of a maintenance optimization roadmap for your decommissioning project

  • Identification and update safety critical maintenance, materials and inspection management tactics required throughout the decommissioning process

  • Removal, rationalization or update of maintenance work orders in the CMMS, EAM or ERP as equipment is taken offline

  • Identification of cost saving opportunities for key phases of your decommissioning project

  • Technical and legislative advice and guidance throughout the process

Our decommissioning solutions

Our decommissioning management software

Our cloud-based software tool Effio™ allows for the interrogation of your maintenance, inspection and materials management strategies and data to happen quickly and efficiently, providing our subject matter experts with a holistic view of your maintenance, to develop a decommissioning asset management strategy fully aligned with your project timeline.

As the tool replicates your CMMS, EAM or ERP environment, it provides a platform to not only make informed decisions about your decommissioning asset management strategy, but it also allows for controlled management of change to this strategy to be made and implemented directly in your systems through hassle-free CMMS/EAM/ERP load sheets.

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Our decommissioning management software
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“Maintenance is often an afterthought when planning a decommissioning project, but it is a simple yet effective way of optimizing resources and simplifying the work being conducted on a plant. It ultimately saves money and speeds up the process, which is key during decommissioning.”

Danny McGowan, Operations Manager at Add Energy

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