Operations and Maintenance Support

Augmenting existing operations with skills and expertise when you need it most

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Plug critical skills and manpower gaps to avoid delays in projects, meet production targets and assure plant integrity

At Add Energy we supply highly experienced specialists on call to help plant owners and operators achieve their operations and maintenance goals.

We offer flexibility and minimize financial risk by supplying highly experienced and skilled professionals on an ad-hoc basis or through fixed-term support agreements.

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Add Energy's asset integrity management and software services are now a service line within ABL

Challenges you may face

Loss of critical personnel

Loss of critical personnel

Caused by cost cutting initiatives, redundancies, and lack of budget for training resulting in knowledge, skills, and capability gaps

Less capability, same targets

Less capability, same targets

Production and financial targets remain the same with less internal capacity to support the delivery, resulting in exposure to risk and delays in projects

Peaks and troughs in expertise requirements

Peaks and troughs in expertise requirements

Requirements for different skills and capability driven by short-term projects and special work requirements

Exposure to risk caused by critical work backlog

Exposure to risk caused by critical work backlog

As restrictions are lifted, work that was delayed during the pandemic is planned to be executed and additional resources are required to liquidate work

How we can help

Supply of Technical Authorities and SME’s

Supply of Technical Authorities and SME’s

  • Commissioning and start-up consultants
  • Maintenance and reliability consultants
  • Asset management consultants
  • Operational excellence consultants and auditors
  • Asset integrity consultants
  • Process safety consultants
  • Energy transition consultants
Supply of operations and maintenance engineers

Supply of operations and maintenance engineers

  • Discipline engineers (mechanical, rotating, instrumentation, electrical)
  • Maintenance and reliability engineers
  • Integrity management engineers
  • Process safety engineers
  • Asset management engineers
  • Decommissioning engineers
  • Award-winning software engineers
Inventory and warehousing resources

Inventory and warehousing resources

  • Inventory management consultants
  • Warehouse and logistics management
  • Inventory data management and update
  • Stock auditors and verifiers
  • Procurement specialists
High value engineering solutions

High value engineering solutions

  • Data miners using OCR technology
  • Field and site verifiers
  • Material mastering, standardization, and Bill of Material (BoM) creation
  • Engineering drawing updates
Technical authoring

Technical authoring

  • Asset management strategies
  • Asset management guidelines
  • Data governance and document management
  • Maintenance, sparing and integrity management philosophies
  • Plant operating procedures
  • Performance standard development
Master data excellence as a service

Master data excellence as a service

  • EAM/CMMS accuracy and assurance
  • EAM/CMMS update and management of change
  • Data analytics and performance diagnostics
  • EAM/CMMS selection and set up
  • EAM/CMMS migration
  • Supply of EAM/CMMS data scientists and analysts
  • Supply of EAM/CMMS administrators
Production optimization

Production optimization

  • Plant uptime improvement studies
  • Reliability analysis
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Production modelling
  • OPEX modelling
Upskilling and competency assurance

Upskilling and competency assurance

  • Competency audit and improvement plan
  • Operations and maintenance training
  • Drilling, well engineering and management training
  • Safety and risk training
  • Leadership training
  • Coaches and facilitators

Our ADDVisor program has been designed to give you access to industry experts in short, cost-effective sessions.

Engage with our pool of highly experienced subject matter experts for a specific duration - from one hour to a full week, to get guidance, advice and insights for an immediate problem or project.

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“SEIC and Add Energy worked together on a Maintenance Integrity Assurance implementation project for an LNG Asset. I have always found Add Energy team members to be well organized and always ahead of the game.

Add Energy provided excellent project management and back-office support, moreover the technical knowledge of the team makes Add Energy ideal to manage large scale technical projects.

The team we had onsite was dedicated, thorough and has tremendous appetite for knowledge and furthermore is never afraid of hard work. We just finished the Integrity Assurance Assessment with very successful results, with the asset achieving the highest score in the company group. I would recommend Add Energy to any company needing to deliver technical projects in the asset maintenance, reliability turnaround and sphere with no hesitation.”

- Maintenance Integrity Execution Lead, Oil and Gas Supermajor