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Below you'll find examples of customer questions as well as customer engagements.

Examples of client questions:

We have a scaling chemical recommendation from a vendor - but it is costly! Do you think it will work?

What are my options for well abandonment given the current regulations?

I have a high annulus pressure that is slow to bleed off. What should I do?

Well productivity keeps declining. What could be the causes?

I have completed a study on replacing the 13 chrome tubing with cheaper carbon steel. Can you review and make sure it is correct?

Is the formation damage of a reservoir interval a significant problem if MEG is used to equalize the DHSV?

Examples of client engagements:

Evaluation of options and chances of success for a high risk fishing job for lost coil tubing.

Integrity evaluation of temporary abandonment cement plug placed as “a chasing plug” for the primary casing cementation.

Evaluation of current casing cementing practices to improve production casing bonding.

Recommendation of CEC/KCL concentration range for shale inhibitive drilling mud testing.

Pressure re-rating of a water injection well with injection pressure higher than original well design.

Interpreting drilling reports for a law firm working on a personal injury case to help them understand the well conditions when the injury occured.

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