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Unlocking business performance opportunities through enhanced competency and a shared vision

The Add Energy Academy has partnered with a leading business improvement consultancy to upskill the next generation of leaders through the delivery of verified learning and development programs designed by executive management advisors, coaches, and mentors

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Why invest

Gain access to learning and development programmes designed to upskill and nurture up and coming leaders to deliver results aligned to your business’ strategic objectives and positively influence:

  • Business performance and profitability
  • Business culture and morale
  • Safety and security
  • Retention of people and contracts

Who should attend

Leadership, senior management, middle management and supervisors.

The course structure

A blended approach to learning which includes a combination of workshops, assignments, computer-based training and return to work projects

The course delivery

Offering instructor-led face to face, virtual or computer-based training courses to optimize costs and to accommodate current travel restrictions and social distancing measures

Verification of learning

Assurance of a guaranteed return on investment is provided by our trainers who grade assignments and return to work projects to verify learning

Course Types

Off-the-shelf training

Off-the-shelf training

Delivery of off-the-shelf, live, instructor-led courses that cover a wide range of topics and specialisms where learning is verified by course instructors through testing and assignment

Bespoke training

Bespoke training

Verified learning and development courses designed specifically for your needs, aligned to your company objectives, standards, procedures, and local regulations.

Training expertise in:


  • One to one coaching/team coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership and management programme (CMI approved)
  • Leadership and management programme (bespoke)
  • Process safety training for leadership
  • Asset management training for leadership
  • Maintenance management training for leadership
  • CMMS awareness training for leadership
  • Leadership and cultural diagnostic tools
  • Creating highly functional teams


  • Behavioral growth strategy workshop
  • Enhanced behavioral growth strategy workshop
  • Crew resource management
  • Enhanced crew resource management
  • Emotional intelligence overview
  • Limiting assumptions
  • Enhanced behavioral communications workshop
  • Behavior- based safety training
  • Enhanced behavior-based safety training

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