Relief Well Planning

This Add Energy Academy training course covers operations, methodology and principles for relief well planning

Why is a good relief well plan essential?

Delivered by Add Energy's Senior Vice President of Well Control and Blowout Support, Ray Tommy Oskarsen Ph.D., P.E., you will learn how a relief well LOCATES the target well, how it INTERSECTS and gains hydraulic communication with the target well and, finally, how it us used to KILL the blowout and bring the well under control.

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Relief Well Planning Training Ray Oskarsen

Sneak peek of this course

To give you a flavour of what this course entails, here's a snippet from the introduction module...

Course topics:

Relief well surface sites
Relief well surface sites
Relief well targets
Relief well targets
Relief well construction
Relief well construction
Blowout and kill hydraulics
Blowout and kill hydraulics

Who should attend this course?

  • Drilling & completion engineers
  • Managers in oil & gas operator companies
  • Emergency response/incident command personnel
  • Regulatory and government officials
  • Other personnel involved in drilling and completion, well testing, well intervention and production operations personnel working in the design, construction, operations, servicing, and abandonment phases of both onshore and offshore wells.

How much does the course cost?

We keep pricing available on request as we like to discuss your needs and expectations in order to deliver a unique training experience.

This course will allow students to develop an understanding of:

  • Content and terminology in a relief well plan
  • Industry standards and recommended practices
  • Relief well site selection process
  • Downhole ranging and survey analysis
  • Intersection strategies
  • Dynamic kill operations
  • Blowout and kill simulations

How is this course delivered?

The course is an on-demand e-learning course. The course content is presented in English, delivered by Ray Tommy Oskarsen Ph.D., P.E.; a well control specialist who is well positioned to share knowledge, insights and real-life accounts of relief well planning and execution.

The value this course topic can deliver

For a business

For a business

  • Ensure safe and compliant operations
  • Reduced operational risk by proper contingency planning
  • Improved ability to assess the complexity of a blowout intervention
  • Decreased response time and improved press releases in the event of a blowout
  • Protect the company against an unkillable blowout and potential litigations
For an individual

For an individual

  • Familiarize yourself with recovery options and critical tasks required to regain control of a blowout
  • Understand relief well terminology and operations
  • Properly review relief well plans and provide meaningful feedback
  • Improve your knowledge on unusual operations such as downhole ranging and dynamic kills

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