Decarbonization and Energy Transition

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Accelerating your transition to net-zero

Rely on subject matter experts to assess, evaluate, and support the implementation of your carbon reduction initiatives through proven processes and independent verification.

We offer solutions designed to kickstart, facilitate or accelerate your decarbonization journey to maximize opportunities and assure safety.

Common challenges associated with “going green”

  • Difficulty identifying suitable carbon reduction and clean energy solutions for your business
  • How to successfully and cost effectively reduce carbon footprint for existing infrastructure
  • A limited understanding of the risk profile associated with energy transition and suitable mitigation techniques
  • Lack of in-house expertise and capabilities to assess and successfully implement sustainable solutions
  • Limited understanding of requirements to assure compliance with regulations and legislation
  • Difficulty in determining the actual projected revenue that will be acquired through energy transition initiatives

How can we help?

  • Technical and commercial “green energy” feasibility studies (cost benefit analysis)
  • Review of existing infrastructure to determine options to reduce carbon footprint
  • CO2 flow modelling and injectivity and reservoir simulations of underground storage
  • Application of relief well drilling technology to make closed loop geothermal wells
  • Heat capacity simulations for closed loop geothermal wells
  • Well integrity assessment of existing field for underground CO2 storage
  • Design, engineering, construction, installation and management of carbon injection and geothermal wells
  • Regulatory compliance and approval consulting for underground CO2 storage and geothermal wells
  • Due diligence, audits, and certification of “green energy” implementation
  • Safety case development and reviews for CO2 and H2 facilities and vessels
  • Asset management strategy
  • Maintenance, integrity and inventory management regime development and optimization

Rely on our experts

Our subject matter experts have a proven track record in assessing, designing, and implementing tactics to help companies achieve their carbon reduction goals.

We offer solutions applicable to carbon neutrality, renewable energy, and hydrogen power.

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The Value We Can Deliver

Viable Options

Viable Options

A conclusive business case detailing feasible decarbonization strategies for your business

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Gain a clear understanding of the investment requirements for carbon reduction and how they can be optimized

Project Sanction

Project Sanction

Identify viable options to reduce carbon emissions to get new projects sanctioned and optimize investment

Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

Assure compliance with international standards relating to integrity, decarbonization and asset management

Cost and Time Efficiencies

Cost and Time Efficiencies

Rely on experts to deliver a cost and time effective solution for kick starting or accelerating your decarbonization journey, without impacting day to day operations

Safety Integrity

Safety Integrity

Develop and implement decarbonization tactics that assure safety integrity through use of proven processes

Why Add Energy?

Independent Verification

An independent view on the viable options with safety, cost, and effectiveness at the forefront of our decisions

Quality Assured

Application of established processes and experience to assure value, backed up by a proven success track record

Results Driven

Born from a shared team mission to relentlessly pursue solutions that unlock safety, cost, and efficiency gains

Holistic Approach

Offering expert support and guidance from conception through to implementation and management of carbon neutral initiatives


"I'm very pleased with the process and the high quality of the report. Several very interesting and pertinent points that will highly benefit our organization and our ability/willingness to continuously improve."

Chief Operating Officer, Oil and Gas Operator, ASPAC

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