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Emergency expert advice and well control support

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Reduce business, environmental and safety impacts of a hydrocarbon release

Receive expert advice to efficiently control a blowing well

Bolster your well kill taskforce with experienced experts offering proven solutions

Minimize costs associated with well kill operations

Minimize business, safety and environmental impact by implementing proven measures to regain control of an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release

Services offered by Add Energy:

  • Planning and Evaluation of Dynamic Kill using OLGA® Well Kill software. Learn more.
  • Well Kill Hardware
  • Well Intervention Analysis
  • Incident Response
  • Incident Diagnostics
  • Design of Kill Methods
  • Supervision of Kill Operations
  • Relief Well Design
  • Well Trajectories
  • Ranging Strategies
  • Intersection Methods
“The expert advice provided by Add Energy’s well kill specialists enabled us to tap into experienced analysis to reduce the time it took to regain control of an incident in the Gulf of Mexico”