Blowout Contingency

Preparing your organization for the unthinkable

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We perform studies and deliver solutions for blowout contingency, as a preventive measure to reduce the cost and risk associated with drilling operations.


Reduce response time in the event of an incident


Assure competency to minimize risk


Reduce costs associated with drilling and intervention


Identify the most efficient and effective contingency measures for your business

Blowout and Kill Simulations

We perform transient multiphase flow simulations of hypothetical blowout scenarios to identify and evaluate potential flow rates and kill requirements by use of our unique software, OLGA®-WELL-KILL, which is tailor-made for well and well control simulations.

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Blowout Contingency Training

We offer advanced training courses in the area of blowout contingency and regulatory requirements (e.g. Principles and contents of NORSOK D-010).

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Spill Drill Support

We participate as an integral part of spill drill teams and share our extensive experience from live incidents combined with transient flow simulation competence. Outcome of our contribution includes soft shut-in procedures and cap and containment design.

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Relief Well Planning and Solutions

We develop detailed relief well plans from the basis of our experience with actual incidents. The relief well plans will identify potential constraints and propose design solutions with details on spud locations, well trajectories, ranging (homing in) strategies and intersection methods.


“Gaining access rights to the RWIS, as a contingency measure, enabled us to build a business case for larger wells to be developed, allowing us to meet production targets with less investment.”