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Hire professionals with special skills, expert advice and the competence to supplement skill sets across multiple different projects, from weeks to years pending the nature of the project.

Our reputable consultants take pride in their work and actively contribute in adding value.

How we can help

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What we do

Appoint a multidiscipline team of highly competent individuals including;

  • Well engineers (drilling, completion, testing, intervention, subsea)
  • Operational supervisors (drilling, completion, well testing, subsea)
  • Operational superintendents, team leaders and project managers
  • Drilling and well control equipment specialists
  • Production engineers
  • Subsurface expertise (operational geologists, geopressure specialists)
  • Supply chain specialists (procurement, contracting, logistics)
  • Technical and operational safety (HSEQ) specialists
  • Quality system specialists
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What you get

  • Well design documents
  • Well activity programs
  • Emergency response plans
  • Consent applications
  • Management system
  • “See to duty” functions
  • HSEQ plans and procedures
  • Cost estimates

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