Safety and Risk Engineering

Technical assurance of safety and mitigation of risks

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Add Energy’s safety and risk management experts provide organizations with sustainable solutions that are compliant with legislation and corporate requirements, in order to mitigate risk and assure safety integrity.


Assure integrity of your asset to minimize risk to your people, plant and the environment


Ensure safety and compliance with legislation, regulations and corporate standards


Increase efficiencies through a safe and reliable plant


Demonstrate mitigation for all identified Major Accident Hazards


Identify and manage process safety barriers

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Safety Cases and Formal Safety Assessments

We prepare Safety Cases and FSA studies for all types of facilities including fixed platforms, FPSO, MODU, construction vessels, flotels, pipelines and onshore MHF. We ensure that the development of Safety Cases are compliant with regulations, guidance and industry accepted codes and practices, which can include safety surveys and audits.

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HSEQ Management System Audits

We undertake corporate, operational and project specific HSEQ auditing of activities to identify opportunities for improvement, non-conformances and areas of non-compliance with legislation, corporate governance expectations and regulatory commitments – including pre-qualification auditing.

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Performance Standards development

We support organizations with the design, development and implementation of key performance standards, to support their ongoing competency assessment and contractual management plans.

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Development of HSE documents

We provide organizations with sustainable, fit for purpose HSEQ management systems and associated documentation which are consistent with AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001, AS/NZS 31000, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 – ensuring compliance with legislative and corporate requirements.

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Facility surveys and audits

We provide a range of facility surveys supporting operations with regulatory compliance, operational efficiencies for process diagnostics through technical investigation support.


"Add Energy developed a safety case for our offshore platform that assured us that all plausible risks and hazards had been identified, allowing us to focus on managing and mitigating them accordingly."