NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity Standard Training

A 2-day interactive classroom-based training course

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Enhance your knowledge of the NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity Standard and develop skills to design, operate and manage well integrity effectively.

This course addresses well integrity throughout the life cycle of the well and focuses strongly on the establishment of well barriers and well barrier elements and how these are accepted and monitored to prevent loss of integrity.

NORSOK D 010 Well Integrity Training Terje

Course Structure

NORSOK D-010 is logically divided into thematic sections containing prescriptive requirements and guidelines to assist students in preventing and solving well integrity issues.

  • The course is delivered in person in a collaborative classroom environment over 2 days.
  • The course content and materials are presented in English, delivered by reputable drilling, well integrity and well control experts who are perfectly positioned to share knowledge, insights, and real-life accounts of effective well integrity management.
NORSOK D 010 Well Integrity Training

Learning Objectives

To enhance drilling and well operations professional’s understanding of the two-well barrier concepts used throughout the D-010 standard in relation to the functional and performance requirements for well barriers through the life cycle of a well by providing:

  • General principles of the two-well barrier concept and well construction activities, starting with drilling of the well, through well testing/completion and ending with abandonment
  • Application of the general well barrier principles in drilling and well operations and related well barrier element acceptance criteria
  • Sharing knowledge on the importance of blowout control and contingency planning and how this is reflected in the standard
  • Real life case studies to increase the understanding and relevance of well integrity during well design and day to day well management operations

Course Outline

The course topics include:

  • General principles: Terminology and definitions, well barrier schematics, well barrier elements, construction principles, pressure/in-flow testing, formation integrity, well shut in, well design and more
  • Drilling: Well barriers in drilling, drills, casing design, shallow gas, wellbore proximity, BOP testing frequency, acceptance
  • Completion: Well barriers, drills, design, production, gas lifted wells, injection wells
  • Abandonment: Well barriers, acceptance criteria for casing cement and cement plugs
  • Blowout control and contingency planning: General principles of planning and preparedness for blowouts response; estimation of flow rates, kill options, intervention, relief wells and more
  • Well killing and relief well drilling: Preparedness, planning and execution
  • Real life case studies: focusing on well integrity across all phases of well operations


Who should attend?

Who should attend?

Drilling and completion, well testing, well intervention and production operations personnel working in the design, construction, operations, servicing, and abandonment phases of both onshore and offshore wells.

How is the learning verified?

How is the learning verified?

Learning is verified through a group work-based exam. A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course.

Course instructors

Terje NORSOK Headshot

Terje Løkke-Sørensen

Co-author of the NORSOKD-010 Standard and Well Integrity Advisor

Morten NORSOK headshot

Morten Haug Emilsen

Blowout and Kill Advisor

Ole NORSOK headshot

Ole B. Rygg

Blowout and Well Kill Subject Matter Expert


“Excellent course – well presented”

“Well taught and engaging, really enjoyed the case studies & examples”

“Really liked the group work – opportunity to meet and discuss with peers”

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