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By joining Add Energy’s pool of experts, you can share your unique insight and knowledge with less experienced engineers, helping them to solve problems and enhance their work.

University degree (required)

Minimum 25 years of experience in the E&P industry (required)

Minimum 10 years of experience and knowledge within a well-defined subject, e.g. sand control (required)

Be recognized by peers to be a technical authority in the subject (preferable)

Good authoring skills (reports, studies, presentations) (required)

Published or presented technical papers (required)

Registered patents (preferable)

To be self-employed

To be fully conversant in English

To have no restrictions nor conflicts of interest to give consultations

To be available to perform work on short notice

As an ADDVisor, you will be connected to a network of peers which you can use to discuss technical matters, or simply use as a sparring partner.

The combination of your specialized skills and Add Energy’s network will bring you in contact with new customers who can be anywhere in the world.

And the best part – you can work when you want, from anywhere.

How it works:

  1. You submit the below application to become an ADDVisor
  2. We verify credentials, check references and respond to you
  3. You agree to the terms and conditions
  4. We register you and assign you an Add Energy contact, who will coordinate requests and responses between the client and yourself, and respond to any other enquiries you may have
  5. When a request is received that matches your skill set, the Add Energy contact will be in touch to discuss and agree on the scope of work.
  6. You decide if you want take an assignment, or you can leave or disconnect from the network any time

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