Data collection, audit, and verification software

Reduce time and improve accuracy when digitalizing information

ePAV™ is a digital data collection app that allows companies to conduct any field data collection, verification, or audit exercise with 4 times more accuracyand in half the time.

How ePAV™ can help you

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Save time and money

Reduce the time required to complete a data collection exercise, asset verification or audit to minimize investment and eliminate the need for post walkdown data processing

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Enhance data accuracy and standardization

Significantly improve the accuracy of the information gathered on site and assure it is aligned to your data standards through access to built-in smart autofill technologies and rulesets

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Fully customize the software to fit your needs

Ranging from photographs to name plate data, select the data fields you need, how you want to capture them, and the rulesets associated with them to ensure you capture everything you need, from source

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Access your insights in a matter of seconds

Enjoy hourly auto-populated spreadsheets and progress reports of the data you capture in the field to enable the benefits of the project to be realized quicker by gaining instant access to your insights, in the format you need it in

Challenges you may currently face

  • Field audit, data collection and verification can be time consuming and labor intensive
  • Manual post walkdown data processing can be a lengthy process
  • There are errors in your dataset caused by human error
  • You are aware you have missing, inconsistent, incomplete, and duplicate data
  • You face cluttered datasets
  • Inaccurate descriptions and asset locations with no context, make it hard to locate assets
  • Handwritten data in the field is difficult to decrypt once back in the office
  • Difficulties collecting data using a pen and paper due to weather conditions, operating environments, or wearing personal protective clothing

How we can help you

Our tried and tested 5-step process to achieving efficient master data gathering, verification and accuracy:

  1. Tell us what data and information you need, any rulesets that should be applied and the output you need in
  2. We will customize the software with the requirements, update rulesets and prepare the tablets/apps for use
  3. You can license the software from us or enjoy one of our specialist teams conduct the data collection, verification, or audit project on your behalf
  4. Conduct automatic QA/QC testing queries through the app
  5. Download the data from ePAV™ to either utilize it on your project or utilize the hassle-free upload templates for use in a different system such as an “ERP”

Our proven results

Our solutions have been proven to minimize business risk and unlock significant cost savings and efficiencies for our global clients across multiple industries. Some of our results include: 

  • Saved 87% on project costs when compared to traditional verification and post walkdown data processing techniques
  • Cut 17.5 weeks off the project timeline, without compromising quality
  • Reduced the project team requirements by 60% when compared with traditional resource requirements for verification
  • Improved data accuracy, completeness, and consistency by an average of 400%  

Unlocking efficiencies across applications

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Physical Asset Verification

Building and maintaining a complete and accurate asset register to effectively manage and maintain your facility
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Warehouse and Inventory Audit

Maintain an accurate inventory database to save money, eliminate time wastage and reduce risk
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Operational Excellence Audit

Efficiently and effectively gather, capture and store data collected during the assessment process
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Inspection Survey

Gather key information and standardize data collection from source during visual inspection processes

Using ePAV™: select an option that fit your needs

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Add Energy Led

  • Utilize our specialist teams to conduct the end-to-end data collection or verification project on your behalf
  • Let us manage the process whilst your team focuses on day-to-day operations
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License ePAV™

  • License the software and utilize your own team to manage the project
  • Assure effectiveness through the user training provided

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