Watch how our asset management strategy deployment engine can elevate plant performance management

Add Energy's Technical Manager and the brains behind Effio™ discusses the importance of master data and how Effio™ can help companies build, deploy and update an asset management regime in the most efficient and effective way possible

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Video 1

How master data affects plant performance

Asset Management expert, Stuart Murray, discusses the importance and criticality of accurate and reliable master data for effective and efficient plant performance management.

Video 2

Using an ERP, EAM or CMMS to run your plant effectively and how Effio™ can help

An ERP, EAM or CMMS is used as a digital asset management tool to help companies operate and maintain operating plants, learn how proprietary software, Effio™ can help streamline this process.

Video 3

Why use Effio™ to build and optimize your asset management data and strategies?

Understand how our asset management deployment engine, Effio™ can save up to 30% on time and costs required to build and maintain an effective plant performance management system.

Video 4

An unrivalled maintenance build process that will save you time and money

Fine tuned over decades of building and deploying maintenance management regimes, gain access to Add Energy’s proven end-to-end maintenance build process that is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Video 5

Identify and capture the asset register data you need to manage your plant effectively using Effio™

There are fundamental data points and ways of building asset register data that will have a direct impact on plant reliability, performance and efficiency if you get it wrong. Don’t fall into this trap, learn how to do this effectively to avoid exposing your business and people to risk.

Video 6

Categorizing your equipment correctly to unlock efficiencies in criticality assignment, maintenance allocation and optimization initiatives using Effio™

Utilizing industry standard coding techniques such as ISO 14224 and KKS is key to unlocking efficiencies in your maintenance build and delivery process. Learn how to do this effectively using Add Energy’s proprietary software solution, Effio™.

Video 7

Building and deploying an effective functional location hierarchy using Effio™

A well-built functional location hierarchy is critical to the success and efficiency of your maintenance management regime. Learn how you can build this effectively using Add Energy’s proprietary software solution, Effio™.

Video 8

Efficiently assign criticality scores based on equipment functionality, probability of failure, consequence and risk using Effio™

Assigning criticality scores to each functional location in your asset register is critical for determining optimal levels of maintenance, sparing strategies and much more. Learn how Effio™ can help unlock efficiencies in this laborsome and time-consuming process.

Video 9

Deploying an effective and efficient maintenance management regime using Effio™

An effective and efficient maintenance management regime will result in better plant performance, higher profitability and increased safety. Learn how Effio™ can ensure the deployment of your maintenance management regime is controlled, connected and consistent.

Video 10

Assigning Bill of Materials to your equipment and planned maintenance efficiently, using Effio™

Having accurate and reliable Bill of Materials allocated to your plant’s equipment and planned maintenance will unlock efficiencies in your maintenance management regime and is proven to save on inventory management costs. Learn how to simplify this time-consuming and complex process using Add Energy’s proprietary software solution, Effio™.

Video 11

Using Effio™ to optimize your maintenance management regime and automate project reporting

Identify discrepancies in your maintenance management regime to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and streamline reporting requirements using Add Energy’s proprietary software solution, Effio™.

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