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A faster, more efficient and effective way to manage, build and optimize master data

Developed by award-winning asset management software engineers, designed by maintenance, integrity, and materials management experts.

Add Energy’s cutting-edge cloud-based software platform Effio™ adheres to a blockchain approach to managing the end-to-end process of a master data build.

Using Effio’s functionalities to manage, build and optimize master data can save up to 30% on time required to complete a master data build or optimization project, helping ensure a cost-effective, timely and quality solution for implementing a maintenance management regime.

Providing full control over master data and management of change, the core functionalities of Effio™ include:
  • Electronic tag extraction from engineering drawings
  • Functional location hierarchy development and visualization
  • Auditable criticality assignment
  • In built maintenance strategy library and task list allocation
  • Equipment BoM and maintenance BoM linking and assignment
  • Work order schedule optimization
  • Generation of zero error client specific CMMS/EAM or ERP data upload files

The end-to-end process, using Effio™

Effio™ is capable of replicating our clients CMMS/EAM or ERP environment and provides a user friendly, collaborative and accessible platform for assuring maintenance and materials are assigned to tags consistently and accurately.
Add Energy's Effio™ software adheres to a "blockchain" approach, allowing for a secure, automated and transparent solution to building master data in accordance with these key steps:

Effio How it works

Master Data

Reliable, rich and structured master data – building the foundations for excellence ​
Effio How it works2


Accurate criticality rankings for safety and production assurance of your asset
Effio How it works3


Optimized PMs allocated to the right equipment, at the right time – no more no less
Effio How it works4

Task Lists

Detailed task lists for assurance of effective strategy implementation
Effio How it works5


Rely on the data you need to optimize your spares holding and procurement
Effio How it works6


Optimization of maintenance execution tactics and continuous improvement

How Effio™ can be used in application

Effio™ can be utilized as a controlled and collaborative master data build, management, optimization and transfer tool across the lifecycle of a plant, ranging from the initial build all the way through to decommissioning and disposal.

In addition to this, clients company data libraries, including the criticality matrix, FMECAs, maintenance strategies and detailed work instructions along with the decisions and application rules recorded from technical workshops can be uploaded and applied in Effio™ to assure alignment with company standards.

Refinery 3613522 1920

New Build Plant

A full maintenance, integrity and materials management regime build developed alongside the physical build to assure readiness for start-up
AE Image Plant 022

Existing Operational Plant

An optimization or rebuild of an existing maintenance, integrity and materials management regime to unlock efficiencies and ensure usability
AE photo worker 001

Plant Upgrade and Modifications

Replicate new equipment in the CMMS/EAM or ERP and apply the associated maintenance, integrity and materials management regime

Effio images

Plant Life Cycle Management

Rationalization and update of maintenance, integrity and materials management program to align to the phase in the assets operational life
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Acquisitions, Mergers and New Systems

To facilitate the migration and transfer of a maintenance, integrity and materials management regime from one, or multiple systems to another
AE Image Data Handling 030

Assuring Mater Data Quality

To enable effective Data Management of Change (MoC) by monitoring your data to ensure it is maintained to the corrects standards to avoid data quality drifts that undermine the proficiency of the CMMS/EAM or ERP

The benefits of using Effio™

Integrated QA/QC

Assuring alignment with client data standards and assurance of master data consistency

Effective management of change

An auditable process for master data changes and approvals

Time efficiencies

Master data changes to be made at “equipment ID” level and cascaded efficiently

Transparency and accessibility

Work collaboratively, effectively and efficiently through secure and unique user log-ins provided for full transparency, review and approval of data

Minimize time investment

Efficient workshops with client stakeholders to be ran through built in work packs

Reduce project admin time

Automated build progress KPI’s and reporting built in as standard

Getting access to Effio™

Key Image Effio3

Add Energy Led

Effio™ is predominantly used by Add Energy’s engineering team to deliver master data builds and optimization projects for our clients. Our clients are given access to Effio™ for the purposes of reviewing and approving data.

Key Image Effio4

Effio™ Licensing

Effio™ is available to license by clients wishing to undertake master data build projects internally and is customized and configured to host client maintenance strategies, criticality rulesets and generate client specific CMMS/EAM or ERP upload templates.

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