Achieving healthcare management excellence

Accelerating post COVID-19 recovery by rationalizing costs, unlocking efficiencies, and maximizing available resources across the healthcare industry.

Make informed business decisions that will optimize resources for direct patient care by utilizing RFID technology and our award-winning management of change software, AssetVoice™ to digitalize processes and to track, monitor and manage assets and people in the most efficient and effective way possible.

A fully customizable solution

Whether you are seeking to track location and utilization of medical and diagnostic equipment, or want to identify where non-compliance with process exists, AssetVoice™ can provide real-time intelligence about any condition change, movement, or deviation you need to know about.

As a fully customizable platform, AssetVoice™ can be configured to provide alerts, notifications, and analytics to enable informed business decisions to be made and efficiencies to be unlocked.

How AssetVoice™ can help achieve healthcare management excellence through digital tracking, monitoring and management of:

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Critical medical equipment

Have full visibility of your critical asset’s locations, status, and maintenance history to assure readiness for use and avoid impact to patient wellbeing

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Purchasing and procurement

Know what you have, where it is located and when you need more to inform your purchasing strategy and avoiding wasted expenditure or risk of critical equipment inaccessibility

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Key personnel job plans

Improved visibility of workforce utilization & efficiency through tracking and monitoring adherence to contracts, job planning processes and programmed activity delivery

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Resource utilization

Minimize the requirement for use of expensive agency resources by understanding trends in resource requirements to make informed recruitment decisions and identify work management optimization tactics

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Availability of critical assets

Set up custom notifications or alerts to assure the correct maintenance is done on the right equipment, at the right time to avoid reliability issues, delays in patient treatment and unproductive time

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Budgets and costs

Improved visibility and transparency on your costs, impact of activities relating to Cost Improvement Plans (CIP), track budget expenditure effectively, identify opportunities to rationalize spend and forecast budgets accurately

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