Maximize control, visibility and availability of your equipment

Enabling rental and service companies to track and manage equipment throughout their journey to assure availability, safeguard integrity and boost profits.

AssetVoice™ is the award-winning asset tracking and management of change software that utilizes RFID technology and sensors to monitor, track, and manage rental and serviced assets in the most effective and efficient way possible.

At the click of a button, AssetVoice™ can provide real-time tracking, intelligence, and analytics about anything you need to know, including but not limited to:

  • Current status and locations of equipment to help assure the availability of equipment when you need it
  • Automatic alerts on asset movement or pre-defined condition changes you need to know about
  • Automatic notifications on upcoming requirements such as certification requirements or deviations to processes
  • Inventory levels and alerts for stock replenishment requirements
  • Accurate asset and associated information and specifications
  • Reliability, maintenance, inspection and location data and history
  • Adherence to quality control procedures and processes
  • Costs associated with tagged equipment for invoicing
  • Other bespoke needs and requirements

How AssetVoice™ can help

Key Image Asset Voice Rental

Maximize Visibility and Control

Access real time data on asset location information, movement, and journey progression to maximize visibility for better management and control
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Eliminate Manual Processing

Be done with pen and paper by digitalizing asset management, tracking and preparation processes to unlock time efficiencies and secure data and information
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Save Money and Time

Scan your inventory in a matter of seconds and access reliable inventory data to save time and cut costs
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Assure Readiness for Use

Ensure the right assets are fit for use and in the correct locations to assure readiness for transport and delivery
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Boost Productivity

Eliminate manual data management through automation and digitalization of asset information to boost productivity, save time and minimize error
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Unlock Efficiencies

Automate tracking and management to allow your people to be more focused on important tasks and increase the speed of processing whilst reducing human error
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Make Informed Decisions

Gain insight into critical datasets and analytics and use this knowledge to enhance business operations and customer satisfaction

Watch AssetVoice™ in action

How AssetVoice™ Works

AV How it works5


Asset existence is verified and tagged with RFID or barcode tags
AV How it works6


Tracking locations are set up. This can include a warehouse, asset, zone, building, room, vehicle, etc
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“Gate” readers and scanners are installed in the locations to capture movement
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The AssetVoice™ software is set up and customized based on the client requirements and specifications (e.g. notifications, alerts, maintenance)
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If required, AssetVoice™ can be linked to the CMMS or ERP utilizing integration middleware technology so users can enjoy automated management of change that is cascaded through to the CMMS/ERP
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Companies can now efficiently and effectively track, monitor and manage assets throughout their lifecycle and enjoy all the associated benefits


By registering your interest in AssetVoice™, you can:

  • Book a demo of the software
  • Get more details about the software and hardware solutions
  • Receive ongoing insights and advice for asset tracking and labelling initiatives