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BoM Data Verification, Enrichment and Obsolescence Study

Project goal

To enrich the asset’s Bill of Materials (BoM) data for optimized spare part sourcing and materials management.


Oil and Gas Operator


3 months

Why Add Energy Were Contracted

The client faced the following challenges:

  • No assurance that the BoM data available in the CMMS was accurate
  • Wasting money buying the wrong parts
  • Overstocking of equipment due to lack of material mastering and the inability to understand what was truly in stock
  • Excessive downtime associated with maintenance due to the correct spare parts not being available to complete planned and corrective maintenance

What We Did

  • Conducted a desktop analysis to identify the extent of the gap
  • Verified existing BoMs with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Cleansed BoMs
  • Identified parts that were obsolete and offered replacement suggestions
  • Created new BoMs for tags that did not have a BoM assigned, using our OptiBoM™ software
  • Assigned material masters
  • Created upload templates with updated spare part data and BoMs to be implemented into the CMMS

Add Energy’s Findings

  • Identified 48% of the equipment was missing a BoM
  • 76% of equipment that had a BoM assigned was incorrect or obsolete

The Deliverables

  • CMMS Upload templates containing verified, cleansed, new BoMs and material masters
  • List of equipment that was obsolete and replacement recommendations
  • Testing in the CMMS to assure successful data load

The Benefits

The project delivered by Add Energy allowed the client to:

  • Reduce part sourcing time, wasted costs and associated admin costs
  • Minimize equipment downtime through immediate access to spare parts
  • Have assurance that spares with the right specifications are ordered every time
  • Identify obsolescence early to allow for alternative parts to be sourced or re-engineered in a timely manner, to mitigate risk of downtime
  • Optimise the spares holding

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