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CMMS Data Analysis

Project goal

To pinpoint problem areas to build a business case and structured focus for further investigation and optimization


LNG Plant


2 Weeks


What We Did

Add Energy conducted an a CMMS analysis and benchmarking study, which analyzed maintenance frequencies, man hour utilization, maintenance backlog and equipment reliability using Add Energy’s proprietary software tools, in combination with subject matter expert review.

What We Did

Analysis Findings

  • 64% of the planned maintenance hours were not being recorded
  • 1/3 of all equipment required corrective maintenance only 3 months after the PM was performed
  • 0.56% of the tags had a P&ID number assigned
  • Planned maintenance work orders were being completed in 1/2 the time they should be when compared to industry norms
  • A high proportion of planned maintenance frequencies and annualized hours were not in line with industry norms
Analysis Findings

Planned Maintenance vs Corrective Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

  • Estimated Hours 7,211 hrs
  • Actual Hours 257,993 hrs

The hours that weren't accounted for equated to a 3477% increase in planned maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

  • Estimated Hours 13,726 hrs
  • Actual Hours 25,291 hrs

The hours that weren't accounted for equated to an 84% increase in corrective maintenance.

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