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COVID-19 Response and Procedure Testing and Improvement for an Offshore Drilling Project

Project goal

To identify discrepancies, ensure effectiveness, and alignment of an Operator and its drilling contractor's COVID-19 management and response strategy by conducting an independent review of existing COVID-19 management plans and procedures.


Oil and Gas Operator


Offshore Drilling Rig



The challenge

The Operator realized the need to ensure a proactive and consistent approach to COVID-19 management and response was in place to:

  • Protect the health and wellbeing of all personnel working on their offshore drilling project
  • Support their business continuity strategy by minimizing the threat of the rig being shut down and avoid any delays to the wells that were currently being drilled and other ongoing operations
  • Assure compliance with reporting and communication requirements with local regulatory authorities and government departments
The challenge

Why Add Energy were selected to support this initiative

  • Add Energy is a leading and highly experienced ISO 9001:2015 certified specialist provider of Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM) services to oil and gas, energy, and maritime industries
  • To meet the objectives of the Operators COVID-19 management and response plans and to minimize exposure to risk, it was critical for the Operator's strategy and procedures to be tested rigorously by competent CEM specialists due to the severity of the risks and subsequent health and potential business impact involved
  • Because there were multiple parties involved (the Operator, the drilling contractor, aviation provider and Government departments) it was critical for an unbiassed capability review to be undertaken and recommendations to be identified for improvement based on industry best practices and continuing enhancements to health and safety and business continuity strategy
  • With a focus on day-to-day operations, and with no in-house expertise on this matter available, it was key to outsource this exercise to experienced specialists

What we did

  1. Reviewed the Operator’s and drilling contractor’s COVID-19 management standards, strategy, plan/procedures, and preventative measures to identify discrepancies and opportunities for enhancement and alignment
  2. Developed and designed scenario exercises as a key assessment tool that were aligned with key risks of COVID-19 exposure
  3. Facilitated a remote desktop CEM exercise with key stakeholders to expose the offshore operating teams and shore-based management teams to possible scenarios to test procedures, associated capability and assure adequacy of COVID-19 response tactics, including:
    1. COVID-19 specific procedures and contact tracing strategies
    2. Emergency response interface with the drilling contractor
    3. Effectiveness of communication and report requirements with Regulatory authorities and Government departments
  4. Developed final report with findings and recommendations for improvement

Key observations identified during the review and exercises:

Lack of awareness and knowledge

Lack of awareness and knowledge

A general lack of awareness and familiarity within the Operator’s workforce of the COVID-19 safe plan existence

Absence of clarity

Absence of clarity

Unclear definition as to who’s procedures take precedence (Operator or drilling contractor)

Differences in definition

Differences in definition

Stark differences in what the companies would define as showing COVID-19 symptoms and how they would then react to this (whether they be suspected COVID-19 cases or simply showing symptoms of cold and flu)

Unclear roles and responsibilities

Unclear roles and responsibilities

Inadequate understanding of the reporting procedures and requirements to Regulators and Government, and who is responsible for this

Procedure discrepancies

Procedure discrepancies

Significant differences in isolation procedures between the two companies, understanding what takes precedence and gaps between the companies regarding ‘working definition’ of ‘suspected’ offshore COVID-19 cases, which may affect the effectiveness of the Operators operational COVID-19 response procedures, and subsequent reporting protocols with Regulators and Government

The value we delivered

Case study graphics

Through the identification of gaps and discrepancies between the two companies, and in line with best practice COVID-19 emergency response, Add Energy offered insights on how to enhance the existing strategy which included immediate actions to be reviewed, implemented, and closed out

Case study graphics 1

Through examination and testing of the processes and procedures it was identified that there needed to be clear roles and responsibilities for each of the stakeholders to communicate their requirements and role in managing the COVID-19 safe plan and response procedures

Case study graphics 2

Agreement on responsibilities around COVID-19 reporting will assure compliance with reporting and communication requirements with local Regulatory authorities and Government departments

Case study graphics 3

Increased the understanding and knowledge of the COVID-19 management protocols and operational interface between the Operator and drilling contractor as to which COVID-19 response procedure takes precedence at any one time

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