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Independent well examination and risk assessment of suspended onshore wells

Project goal

To provide a 3rd party well examination and risk assessment for 2 onshore wells with a goal of evaluating whether previous work conducted was effective in isolating the well’s necessary reservoir zones and achieving a result that poses minimal to no risk to the public or the environment.


Oil and Gas Operator


2 onshore wells



Project synopsis

Add Energy’s well examination specialists were contracted by a leading oil and gas operator to risk assess and verify whether work conducted on 2 onshore wells in Australia was in alignment with company requirements, local regulations, and international standards.

The scope also required the team to validate the client’s status change request for the 2 wells to go from suspended to abandoned.

Project synopsis

Why were we contracted?

  • The client was required to obtain a 3rd party independent verification to validate plug and abandonment compliance with current standards which would support the client’s application to change the status of the well to their abandonment and decommissioning commitments
  • With in-house resource constraints, there is an ongoing need for external support and validation, meaning it was critical to contract highly experienced and specialized personnel to deliver the scope
  • Add Energy has an excellent record of accomplishment in risk assessment and well examination, and can incorporate decades worth of lessons learned for overcoming common issues faced during the process

What we did

The well examination and risk assessment review included:

  1. A desktop review of all relevant engineering work previously completed to assist with the assessment of well history, well status, validating the status change request and performing a risk assessment to support this request
  2. A 3rd party risk assessment of the onshore wells status change
  3. Delivery of an initial gap analysis report
  4. Presentation of the initial findings from the technical review and gap analysis
  5. Delivery of a close-out report including a full risk assessment and technical summary with key findings, conclusions, and recommendations ­­­

Project deliverables

Case study deliverables

Add Energy’s guidance provided assurance that both well abandonment processes were in accordance with the company requirements, local regulations, and international standards

Case study deliverables 1

The report was delivered containing key findings, conclusions, and recommendations ­­­that deemed the two onshore wells to be viable for a status change from suspended to abandoned

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